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My first time with my married lover. (A fantasy from several years ago...)

I'd had thoughts of him all day...

Steamy, hot, sexy thoughts, the kind reserved for lovers only. We had yet to consummate our fantasies of each other, but our conversations were so intimate, my thoughts were almost memories to savor.

I did my best to keep busy, but by the end of the day, I still had that ache. So I poured myself a glass of wine, and headed upstairs for a long soak in the tub. At first, I was comforted by the warm water. I shut my eyes, rested my head at one end of the tub, & sighed...

But before long, the indulgent bath only increased my fantasies of our wet skins sticking together, the wine heightening my arousal, until my nipples jetted up above the water line.

So I opened my eyes, sat up, and began to shave my legs. The razor followed the length of my leg, and I imagined his hands there instead...

I reached for my towel, and began to gently dry myself, imagining how his strong hands would feel against my skin, how his long fingers would look as they traced patterns on my white skin... I began to apply my CoCo Channel body lotion, working it into my skin, my shoulders, my breasts, down my stomach to my legs, still envisioning his hands, his touch.

Naked, I lifted the bottle of wine, poured the last glass, and carried the glass to my bedroom. I set the wine on the night stand, lifted a book, and intended to read. However, the cool, crisp sheets felt like heaven against my freshly shaved legs. My flesh tingled. Touch was exhilarating, and I began to indulge myself, running my hands along my own skin, enjoying both the feeling of being stoked as well as how my warm, soft skin felt to my own hands. As my body heat rose, the smell of CoCo began to float in the air...

But it was not enough.

I wanted to feel him. His weight as he lay upon me, his lips as he kissed me, the scent of his flesh, and oh God, yes, how his hard cock would fill me...

I really ought not to call. It was late, he would have explaining to do... it was forbidden for many reasons, yet I knew there would be no rest for me until I at least tried to contact him...

My thigh slid across the other as I rolled to reach the phone, my natural lubricant at work, a slight scent of sexy musk mixing with my fragranced lotion. The phone rang once, twice, and then a soft, husky 'hello?' The sound of his voice made me pause, as I acknowledged not only a bit of surprise that I had reached him, but that my body responded with the locking of my hips, and an arch in my back... I slid my leg against the other... He repeated his hello, a bit more annoyed, and I quickly said 'Are you alone?'

I could hear the pleasure in his voice as he said he was. Hearing his desire for me, my own desire moved me to stoke my wetness... and lift my fingers to my lips for a taste... 'What are the chances you can meet me... right now, in my bed?' I asked. '200%' he said, 'give me 15 minutes.' 'Let yourself in, the door is unlocked' were the last words spoken before we hung up.

Surprisingly, those 15 minutes went by quickly. I just shut my eyes, and continued to enjoy the easy slip between my legs... The bedroom door opened, and there he was. He looked a mix of lust & surprise, his cheeks a bit flushed, as if seeing me naked in bed was a hope he had dared not to have. I raised my eye brows & said 'Strip.'

He did, and joined me on the bed. Pulling the covers down, exposing my body, he reached for a breast. The look on his face as he held the warm, moist weight of it in his hand melted me completely. 'Oh the things I plan to do' he began, in a wistful, yet threatening way, his thumb & index finger now rolling my nipple. 'We don't have much time-' I began, but in one quick move, he slid his hand up to my head as he lowered himself to me, and kissed me, silencing those pesky thoughts of time.

The kiss was not gentle or sweet. It was rough, passionate, and it stated who was in control. I moaned, deep in my throat, as this kiss made me ache, even more. I pulled him on top of me, delighting in the feel of his body fully pressed with mine. But still, it was not enough.

I spread my legs, and with one hand on his shaft, the other on his ass, I guided him in.

As he penetrated me, the kiss broke. I arched back, eyes closed, mouth softly open. I heard him groan. A low, deep sound that signifies a pain released. Time stood still for that moment, until I relaxed my hips, and he began to thrust. A long, slow, pull out, a brief pause, and long, slow, push in, my hips rising to meet him. I watched his face, as he watched mine. Again, a long, slow, pull out, a brief pause, and then, a hard, fast thrust. We were off, rocking with abandon. No soft tender love-making, but full-throttle, hip grinding, deep-as-you-can-go fucking.

I began to feel my body tighten, my breath became ragged, not just from exertion, but signs that I was close... He paused suddenly, cupping my face in his hands, and kissed me. My hips, they protested the stop, lifting up, trying to get him to continue. He pulled away from the kiss, softly laughed, & in a sex-rich voice said 'we aren't in that much of a hurry are we?'

I laughed back, pushed at his shoulder playfully, then kissed him again. Melting into his mouth, and allowing my hands to trail up & down his back, feeling his sides, his spine, his neck, his sweaty hair... I grabbed his hand, took his index finger, and first ran my tongue along it, feeling the resulting jump of his cock inside my wet pussy. Then I took that finger into my mouth, still using my tongue in small swirls on it; he sighed, then gave me one hard thrust to get my attention. He locked his eyes with mine, pulled his finger from my mouth, and went down to my breast. His tongue encircled my erect nipple, and then he sucked it, hard, causing both of our hips to unite again in first one hard grind, then another, and another...

I began to tremble, my legs first, then my stomach. He moaned 'yes' from the side of my neck, and bit my ear lobe, I was gone... The same soft, swirls sensations that I imagine my tongue created on his index finger are now in my head, my soul, as I release. He is not long after me, my climax bringing him to his own -- with one last sharp thrust, he pulls himself even closer to me, using my hair as leverage, exhaling in my ear.

Our two, sweaty, sticky bodies lay side by side, but not touching, save for his hand loosely on my hip. We rest, eyes closed, but awake.

Our breathing returns to normal. I hear a low chuckle, so I turn to look at him. He wiggles his brows, I look further down his torso, and find his wet, sticky cock is ready again... Hard, erect, lovely. My eyes travel slowly back up to his face, a soft one-sided smile upon my lips...

Gracie Passette, as published at Tit-Elation.


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