Eek! He'll See Me Nude!

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I don’t know what all the fuss is about, kids, but lately Gracie has received some emails from women ~ frantic women who are worried about how they look in bed to their partners.

Since they wrote about their fears of negative male reaction, I am going to comment for heteros ~ but I am willing to bet it is no different for any sex, any orientation, so read on.

I must say that I thought by now, 2004, women would be over most of these silly phobias & fears. Perhaps it is just the panic of swim suit season making a return that has put idiotic fears into them? I don’t know. But regardless, let me make a few quick statements for you women out there:

#1 You think a guy about to get laid is really gonna freak out over seeing you nude?! Come on ladies, think! All he thinks is ‘I’m gonna get laid! I’m gonna get laid!’

Why is he not concerned about your few extra pounds, your not so firm skin, your less than centerfold body proportions?

‘Cause baby, first of all, he has imagined you naked ~ many, many times, and he’s still there!

If he enjoys kissing you, fantasizing about you, why would the real deal be scary or less than wonderful? It won’t.

Dick gets pussy, it’s fab, end of story.

# 2 Not only are some men less than interested in some idealized perfect body type (say Miss April), but many men are looking for a real woman. Not just some lofty piece to be objectified, or even just preferring some woman with meat on her bones, but a real, live, flesh & blood body with a soul ~ and one that digs him!

Your extra pounds, your secret fear that he won’t like your A-cups, or your natural bush, or your what-ever-it-is-that-you-fear-he will-see just don’t matter.

Contrary to popular belief, men do enjoy having sex with women they care about. They too seek relationships. Sure, it can be about getting a piece & only a piece, but this isn’t my advice on ‘how to tell if he cares about you.’ No, this is only about your silly fears of being nude before your lover.

He digs you clothed. He wants to get naked. Why worry about it?

#3 Be fair. Are you worried that beneath his Bulls sweatshirt or Arrow shirt that he is less than what you have imagined or run your fingers over? Are you worried that beneath his Dockers & Joe Boxers lies disappointment?

No, you aren’t. And why is that? ‘Cause you know that you feel something for this man ~ be it lust or love ~ and that you want to proceed with the hormonal urges.

You know that some underwear model may have that ripped 6-pack, an ass so firm you can bounce a quarter off of, and arms that make yours look like toothpicks, but what else does he offer you? (And is he really an option?)

Option aside, you rub your thighs together & moan to yourself over thoughts of this particular man, the one you are considering, hoping, to bed, and you are turned on by him. Him. Not comparing him to any other. Your musky moisture is all about this one man, here & now (or tomorrow night, whatever).

So why plague yourself with fears that this man is not rock-hard for you, and you alone, that he is not comparing you to what might be waiting, or not, behind door number 2? He’s not. He’s just damn happy, hopeful & hard over your & the idea of bangin’ you, dear girl.

So forget about articles that tell you which position flatters flabby tummies, or makes smaller breasts appear larger. Forget about ‘lights out only’ escapades. Just relax, go with the flow between your legs & trust that he is as ready & excited to see all of you as his throbbing cock is ready to thrust into you.

Get over it,
Your Gracie


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