Wild & Wacky Adventures of Chloe

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Nerds never get the girl -- unless, somehow, wishing it pulls the sexiest comic book character out and puts her in your bed! Gracie & CR/LF review Wild & Wacky Adventures of Chloe.

Gracie says:

Wild & Wacky Adventures of Chloe DVDPlot: Joel, a comic-book geek, spends way too much time fantasizing over the heroines in his fav comic. He is mocked & ridiculed, but still, he lusts & masturbates (providing himself ‘comic relief’ *wink*) over ‘Super Chloe.’ One night, he is promised that she can be real, if he believes enough... And thanks to the miracle of porn, Chloe is brought to life.

So far, it’s a funny little plot, yes? But there is something playful in the production that makes the flick ‘fun.’ (Which I must admit, I can’t always say about adult films.) I think the makers of this film didn’t take themselves or their subject too seriously, and that makes this film in a class by itself. It’s fun, but still offers plenty of hardcore sex, so as not to disappoint fans of the in-&-out on film.

There are silly, kitschy costumes, cheap & weird fantasy sets, but somehow, it all fits together in this movie.

One annoyance to me was the formulated sex scenes. The majority of the sex goes as follows: A) go down on her, B) go down on him, C) real fucking. I don’t know about you, but I like a little more variation in the presentation of the sex show. But there are three things that more than make up for it.

Number One: The women’s orgasms do not seem as fake as they do in most movies. In one scene, the lesbian scene, one of the woman looks as if this orgasm is not only real, but unexpectedly strong at that. (Note: this may make you ask your partner how you look during an orgasm. Don’t ask this, unless you have a solid relationship, and you can take the honest reply. Orgasms feel wonderful, but they are not as pretty to look at as you might think!)

Joel, Comic-book Dude, Gives Oral To A BlondeNumber Two: Attractive people. Yes, they are attractive, but in a ‘real way.’ No one deserves a bag over their heads, and no one is so damn perfect you want to kill them either. Well, maybe one blonde... Brittney Skye, is stunning. Not just how she looks, but how she moves. Something is more 'innocent' about her than the typical porn star...

Number Three: This movie contains one of (currently), All-Time-Favorite-Porn-Scenes. It is so full of comedic genius, as to make Gracie wish she had produced it herself. I almost hate to tell you this, for fear of ruining the surprise, but damn, how can I give an honest review if I don’t tell? Oh, I know, I’ll show you!

The Set-Up: After Chloe becomes real, enters the 3D world, Joel leaves her home alone as he goes off to work. The door bell rings... click the pic to see!

Can you stand it?! Two Jehovah’s Witnesses at the door! My God, it’s hysterical!

Ok, ok, and it’s not bad for a group sex thing either. (I wish my door-to-door-religious-salesmen were built like that!)

There are a few sound problems (just when you turn it up to hear the dialog, it then switches scenes, and has a new, higher, volume level ~ ouch!), but overall, a nifty little flick, great for couples who figure they will giggle a bit anyway. Actually, I highly recommend this film as a nice little icebreaker for ‘first-time-porn-watchers’ or couples who are new to watching porn together. There are plenty of real places to laugh, and not derail the whole porn experience. Which also makes this a most excellent bachelorette or stag party film.

You may buy the DVD at TLA Video: Wild and Wacky Adventures of Chloe.

CR/LF says:

Happily, this is a plot-driven porn movie unencumbered by it’s plot, and only slighly flawed by it’s porn-ness. I, for one, am not a ‘two hours of sex parts interacting’ porn connoisseur. While that limits me to the smaller ‘plot driven’ porn genre, many of those end up bogged down by the storyline contrivances.

Joel, Comic-book GeekIn The Wild & Wacky Adventures of Chloe, Joel is a loser comic-book obsessed guy who can’t get any. What he wants is a women like those in the comic books – strong, sexy, and not an everyday average lady. He wishes and wishes, and eventually he awakes to find that his fantasy had come true! The comic book babe of his fantasies, Chloe, appears in the flesh, just for him.

Now, part of me is saying, "don’t give away the ending! Don’t give away the ending!" like the story is what you’re watching for. The movie has sex – quite a bit, actually. Unfortunately, the porn scenes tend to go on a bit longer than is tolerable. We fast-forwarded through a few scenes, but to their credit it wasn’t because of grossness. Some porns deserve to be fast-forwarded through simply because they push the limits of decency, but W&WAoC simply pushes some good sex to the point of boredom in watching it.

Comic-book Fantasy Sex SceneI’m accustomed to porn full of women looking angry during sex, acting like they’re snottily allowing such pleasure to interrupt their day. In this film, however, there’s actually a sense of the women actually liking the sex. Who’d a thunk? Chloe looks like she’s enjoying it beyond the capabilities of a human to contain – leading to some amusement on my part, but nothing off-putting. Sure, I understand that there’s a whole lotta fakin’ going on, but it was at least humanlike acting.

Part of the believability may be due to the somewhat understandable situations. There’s a reason for the people to be having sex, other than "I’m naked, I want to get laid, you’re naked, etc., etc." A failing of plot-porn tends to be that the story is driven by influences outside the sex itself. The characters in W&WAoC actually react to the sex acts, and that is what leads towards the next scene. Mostly…there’s, of course, gratuitous sex scenes that appear to be outside the continuity, notably the first and last ones. Sure, they involve characters we see elsewhere in the show, but they don’t move the story along. The rest, however, are fantasies, motivations, reactions, and even a self-mocking scene with door-to-door missionaries (see clip above). There’s a level of goofiness that helps make it more watchable.

Final Scene from Wild & Wacky Adventures of ChloeThe missionary plot point ends up providing a turning point for the film. As with any good story, the lead character either needs to learn something, teach something, or be changed by the events in the story. Joel ends the movie a changed man: he learns a tough lesson about living for a fantasy and gets out of the house – only to meet a real woman he can identify with. This final scene impresses me the most: The woman walks up to Joel, there are sparks, she looks sexy – but there’s no onscreen sex between them. That’s a sure sign of a story-driven movie: the scene was there to make a point, not just lead into the next scene of fucking. The technicality of the film is high enough to show some effort was put into framing and visual composition, even though it seems only one camera was used at any time.

I’d recommend this movie to someone wanting to watch a porn that isn’t uncomfortable. We’ve all seen painful pornography, and that tends to be the ‘safe’ porn we watch. "It’s ok to watch it if I can pretend I don’t care about it," but when you watch W&WAoC, you’ll have to pay attention to the story, you’ll have to watch the characters motivations, and you might even like the people in the film. Fast-forward through the sex scenes if they feel long, because it’s more important to watch the connecting scenes. Wild & Wacky Adventures of Chloe is a fun, simple porn with a story and a bit of sex. It won’t stick with you as ‘great art,’ but it also won’t stick with you as ‘horrible porn.’


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