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You know we sex kittens don’t just trust anyone’s advice, especially when it comes to the very important matters of vintage lingerie, but by the end of this interview, I think you’ll agree, there isn’t anyone we’d trust more to tell us about our delicate under-things...

Kimberly & Jeannie of Glamour GurlzIt is Kimberly's passion, combined with her knowledge, that makes her more qualified to be our vintage lingerie expert, bringing answers to our vintage lingerie questions.

Gracie interviewed Kimberly to introduce you to our new, so-girly-glam-you-could-squeal-with -delight, official Sex Kitten Vintage Lingerie Expert, Kimberly!

Kimberly, when did you first fall in love with vintage lingerie?

I personally began collecting vintage lingerie and other glamorous vintage 'dress up' items when my dear sweet grandmother passed away about 15 years ago.

Grandma NellieI remember my mother & I having to sort through all of her beautiful & glamorous lingerie, foundations, costume jewelry & clothing, so that we could donate it to charity. As we sorted through her things, we reminisced about watching her sitting at her vanity, clad in girdle, slip, stockings, heels and bullet bra!

"WOW", I remember thinking, "I wanna be just like that when I grow up!!!!"

Then I thought to myself, "There is NO WAY I can part with such grand memories!"

This was the era when it was an 'art' to make yourself as desirable as possible ~ I consider myself a very lucky gal to have grown up in the company of a beautiful mother, grandmother and other stunning 'girly girl' women who doted on the way they looked.

Kimberly's Mother & Grandmother, making her a Third Generation Glamour GirlThese were the women whom I grew up admiring, the women who molded me into the woman I am today.

From that moment on, I was hooked...I started going on my weekly 'hunt's' at yard sales, estate sales and flea markets. To me, the excitement of finding beautiful glamorous treasures is my biggest passion. There's nothing like the thrill of finding a rare 1940's satin bias cut slip or a piece of vintage prong set rhinestone jewelry.

Ahh, you are following your glamour girl legacy! Tell us more about these special women.

From the time I was old enough to remember (about two or three) I can still see my grandmother preparing for a date with my grandfather, sitting clad in her pointy bullet bra, open bottom girdle and stockings...sitting in front of her large vanity table, smoking a cigarette and applying her make-up. I remember as I got older, I would lay on her bed, watching, admiring, hoping someday I would be so beautiful, curvy and sexy. It truly was an 'art' to make yourself as desirable as possible...and my grandmother was an icon of femininity and glamour for me. No matter where we went, she always turned a few heads with her long stocking clad legs and tall glamorous composure. My granny was a lady in every sense of the word.

Debbie & Blaze StarrI lived with my grandmother pretty much full-time as I was growing up. My mom was Blaze Starr's personal hairdresser and close friend for over 20 she spent a lot of time traveling around the world while Blaze was doing shows and promotional tours. When mom was not traveling, we often spent time at Blaze's home. One of my fondest memories is sitting quietly in Blaze's bedroom, in awe of her glamorous dressing room, filled with the most beautiful dazzling gowns, lingerie and accessories. My mom would be doing her hair (a weekly routine) and I would sit and watch, silently admiring two women who became my biggest inspirations for Glamour Gurlz.

As I became a teenager, I started my own beauty and dressing 'routine' (about two hours of primping) in front of my own mirror, making sure everything was just right...I was quite a handful at 15 with my tight (lay on the bed and hold your breath) Sergio Valente' Jeans *giggles* , but the times had changed as this was the 1980s and a new breed of 'Glamour Gurlz' was about to un-fold.

I remember my granny teasing me as I would primp for hours before going out on date... she would peek in my room and say "come on 'GLAMOUR GURL'... your going to be late!!! *giggles* I guess the name stuck with me.

What is your favorite type/style? From what time period? Why?

My personal favorite styles are the vintage slips and lingerie made from the 1940's to the mid 1960's era. In the 40's you will find a lot of rayon-satin bias cut blended slips with French imported laceworks. The details are extraordinary to say the least.

Sophie, wearing a 1940's era nylon-satin-rayon blended (incredibly erotic fabric) vintage full slip, cut on the bias to accentuate your hourglass figure and a micro pleated accordian flounce at the hemline.

The 50's to 60's era, Dupont nylon was introduced and became widely used in most lingerie and undergarments. Designers started blending nylon with fine rayon and satin and this is an era when so many incredible silky slips were produced. You also see a lot of fancy lacework, flouncey hemlines, chiffon, imported laceworks, etc. I just adore any piece of lingerie with a lot of 'girlyness' .. *giggles* You can't give me enough lace and flounce. Van Raalte is definitely one of my favorite designers.

Vintage Slip with Wedding Lace

In the 1950-60s era, there is a 'wedding lace' slip which consisted of the incredibly beautiful micro-pleated chiffon and imported lacework...this combined with a truly hour glass fit will make any gal blush when she sees herself in the mirror (not to mention your man won't be able to keep his hands off of you) *winks*

Saramae Lingerie

Another favorite of mine was introduced to me by a close friend a few years ago... the designer is Saramae Lingerie and was sold by high end department stores from the 40's through the early 70s. These are extremely rare pieces of lingerie and very hard to come by, so when I find one I jump on them. They normally consist of soft silky nylon with a extraordinary 5-10" imported cut out lacework, backed in a sheer soft pink or contrasting chiffon. I currently have over 100 in my personal collection by Saramae Lingere and do not intend to sell them. I collect these as a true collectable piece of history, a rare and unique gem.

Kimberly & the Glamour Gurlz ~ Kimberly is StandingSince then, Kimberly has started her own business where she sells the pretty things. You can find them at her website, Glamour Gurlz, & on eBay. Her passion for all things glamour, including the way it makes a woman feel, has also led to her DVD sales & site membership, where you can see hundreds of images of pretty women in pretty lingerie.

And it's clear from Kimberly's site, that the next generation of Glamour Gurlz, or as we call 'em, Sex Kittens, are alive & well, thank you very much! It's not just the sassy lingerie, or the pretty girls, but the attitude ~ for as a trip to her website shows you, it most definitely is all about the power of women.

Ahh, passion plus knowledge, a wonderful combination... Welcome, Kimberly, we are glad to have you here!

Kimberly begins sharing her knowledge ~ click to continue!


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