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All women all the time...

Featured Recipe: Cyberlady


* 1 oz Cognac
* 1/2 oz Strawberry liqueur
* 1/2 oz Cointreau
* 1 oz Orange juice
* 1 dash Lemon juice

Shake well and pour into a frosted cocktail glass, topped with strawberry.

Lesbian Membership Site Review

I have to confess, I am one of those lesbians who doesnít really make an effort to look at other naked women. Thatís not to say I donít have an appreciation for the female form, but Iíve never been that turned on by visions of naked ladies dancing across my computer or television screen and I really do read Playboy for the articles.

I went to (CyDy) expecting not to see much more than naked girls with one leg up on a dresser, their faces contorted as they yell something close to ďLook at it! Is this what you want!?Ē (Thank you, Wanda Sykes) Iíve never been to any sort of erotic images/adult website before and it is safe to say, I only had stereotypical expectations coupled with the horror of an image buried on an old computer after my roommate browsed a sketchy online site. (For months, every time we booted the computer, up would come the very large image of the hairiest vagina Iíve ever seen. Itís a wonder that I can still manage to look at any at all now).

I digress.

Cyber-Dyke Erotic Art is a network of adult sites for women by women. The sites included are: Cyber-Dyke, Dark Play, BBW Heaven, Diosa, Grrl Tools, Leaky Girls, Mistress Tatiana, Posteriority, RsL Photo, Sappho's Girls, Serafina and Shaved Dyke.

The strong point of this network of sites is that they are made by real women doing and displaying what truly interests them. There is no worry that the images and other content will be poorly done out of any lack of true interest of the site owners. Another asset is that the photographs have all been taken by people who probably make a living taking photographs. There are no amateurish webcam shots to be found, no straight women playing lipstick lesbians to please every male fantasy. No, not hereÖlike I said, a collection of sites for women by women. Sorry fellas.

Fistmistress Photo

CyDy's Member Specials were probably my favorite images of all, not necessarily for the hot girl on girl action, but the artistic and gorgeous photography. I was also fascinated by Lena, the Fistmistress. I had to turn the laptop over to my girlfriend so we could share in the curiosity together. Iíve never fisted or been fisted by anyone, so to see it up close and personal, let alone to see it being done by a woman to herself, enthralled me. I couldnít stop looking. Iíd look at other parts of the site and go back to it to study the images, all the while asking my girlfriend things like, ďDo you think you could stick your fist in like that?Ē Iím sure Iíll have to take another peek before my temporary pass expires, just to leave on a high note.

Serafina Sox is for those of you who are foot/sock/shoe fetishists. The shots are all well done, with different angles and takes on what I consider to be the most neglected part of the human body. Iím so straight-line that I donít understand the foot fascination, but I wish I could, because I feel like I am missing out on something. However, one look at the images in these galleries and youíll never look feet in the same way.

ďAre they peeing?Ē is what my girlfriend said upon our first glance of Leaky Girls. Weíre a couple who, after three years together, has just worked up the courage to pee with the bathroom door open, so this was a little too much for me. If youíre into water sports and like that yellow stream falling from betwixt a womanís legs, this is definitely the site for you.

Artisic Photos at Cyber Dyke dot Net RsL photography is absolutely beautiful and artistic. Thereís not too much blatant sex, but wonderful nude photographs which are up for sale. The most extreme of the sites is Dark Play, dedicated to the hardcore image, including those of fisting, bondage, domination and spanking. As in every site at, the photographs are very well done and perfectly staged.

I was happy to see that my stereotypical expectations were not ever met. I had my curiosity captivated by pictures I never thought Iíd be interested in seeing. If nothing else, it gave me a new appreciation for all the different facets of sexuality that Iíd never considered before, and a new understanding of the splendor of the female body. I offer kudos to the webmistresses for a stunning collection of photographs and the confidence to bare all.

Cyber-Dyke Photo I must admit, though, that the one pervasive thought all through my visit was this: ďDo their parents know about this?Ē Maybe Iím just a little too vanilla for adult entertainment. has three payment options: $25 for one month and $20 for each re-billed month following; Three months, non-recurring at $49; Six months, non-recurring at $75. You are given full access to every site in their network.

Review by Gaelle

All images © Cyber-Dyke.Net, used with permission.


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