The Baroness: Latex Fashion Designer

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Ironically, The name in latex fashion, an icon herself, never played with the plastic fashion doll Barbie. The Baroness doesn't settle for poor substitutions ~ she wants the real thing. Forget about Barbie ~ she wants to dress you, yes you, up!

"I never played with (Barbie), being an English child I don't believe I'd even seen one until I came here. But I'm all for artifice, obsessions for beauty products and lots of clothes & accessories to match! Plus I love the idea that they had to make her her very own world with lots of activities, friends & boy toys!"

The Baroness Latex Fashion Designs It may sound like some glib lines, tossed neatly into an interview, but after speaking with The Baroness, you realize that she means every word of it. She wants you to become a living, breathing, sexual object ~ anytime you want to be one.

And forget about your notions that latex is only for the fetish crowd. If The Baroness has her way, we'll all be wearing it. And not just because we'd look super. But because latex is a Return to Dressing. Not dressing, as in the act of putting on clothing to prevent ourselves from being naked, but Dressing, in the grand manner that signifies the act of getting our clothes on is as special as the places &/or people we are about to visit.

Her motto: Because every occasion to dress is an occasion to overdress.

It sounds rather like those classic movies, where everybody dressed for dinner, with the utmost in style. And they didn't undress for bed, they Dressed for bed. Pretty gowns & smoking jackets, for you'd like to look your best for breakfast in bed. It sounds like that, for it is like that. The Baroness admits to being inspired by "the glamour of black & white movies, Harlow, servants, breakfast in bed & dinner with dancing."

The Baroness Latex Corset She likens the event of putting on your latex fashion to one of putting on stockings. That, or a ritualistic transition, you literally change from one 'you,' into another 'you.'

This ritual involves gently laying the clothing out, choosing the accessories, applying lubricant to yourself before you slide on in... Now there's a slow sensual scenario... Shining it up (which I am pretty sure involves rubbing yourself...) I'm not sure I'd ever get out of the house.

But if I did, I'm pretty sure that not only would I look divine, but I'd feel rather delicious.

Yes, it's true, poor Gracie has yet to wear latex. I've worn leather, PVC & I admit, some vinyl (I was in the club scene in the 80's after all!), but never latex. So I had to ask The Baroness, 'what's the big deal?'

"Latex is a truly sensual material. It appeals to all the senses: sound; touch; smell; and some adore the taste as well. It certainly has magpie appeal!"

As for the feel of latex, I am told there's nothing quite like it. A luxurious feel, with a proper weight & drape, that clings too... The Baroness trains her employees working with latex to "stroke it like a cat."

It's not merely the touch of it, but the way you slither into it, how when you wear it, it moves against you & hugs you...

The Baroness Custom Latex Fashions The Baroness also claims there are wonderful sensations that wearers of latex experience that the rest of us miss. For example, with most other fabrics, the natural moisture that skin has, evaporates. (She's not talking sweat here, but simple skin moisture.) We never really experience the feel of our moist bodies being soothed by a supple smooth wrap. Unless we tell our partners we are 'into that,' most of us miss this. But a person wearing latex experiences it. And then there is wearing it in water, & walking in the rain; "A very Zen-like experience," says The Baroness.

Ahh, but there are practical reasons why latex is the material of choice. It stretches in all directions, yet it retains it's shape. I can't say that was the case with my vinyl mini or my leather pants.

But ultimately, it comes down to how you look, right?

So, Baroness, what do people, real, everyday people look like in your fashions?

"I make them look like God."

Bold statement, to be sure. But I can't say I disagree. With over 50 designs, in 8 vibrant colors, there is sure to be something that appeals to you: corsets, dresses, skirts, you name it. And, of course, there are the more extreme options for the real fetish folk.

If you visit her store, or website for latex rubber fetish fashions, & still don't see something you'd kill for, be sure to ask about it ~ for not only does The Baroness do garment adjustments for proper fit, but she does custom work too. (Yes, you can do this via email, if necessary.)

**HOT Tip: Sign up for her free newsletter, & you'll get prviews of her latest designs, as well as an 'insider discount!'

The Baroness is widely known as a speaker on the subjects of clothing, power, and fetishes. And you can read more of about The Baroness, as the interview continues...

All images are Mark McQueen, all rights reserved, used with permission.


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Discuss This (4 Comments)

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