The Baroness As Sexual Being

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The Baroness, fashion Goddess, artistic soul with authority issues, is also a Dominatrix.

Who says you can't have it all?

The Baroness is a latex rubber fashion designer, but we can't leave out the fetish part. She is renowned fetish expert, performer, writer, and lecturer. And she is currently writing a book with the working title: "Taking Control; the Art of Female Dominance".

While The Baroness speaks on the subject of sexuality, especially the area of fetishes, she feels that words, in fact views themselves, on sexuality are too limited, and as a result, people miss out. Where is the chance to play?!

The Baroness, Latex Rubber Fetish Fashions So, along with her fashion shows, she hosts The Baroness' Fetish Retinue. This monthly gathering is New York's longest-running Monthly Fetish Party, & with The Baroness in charge, you know it will be interesting...

Besides the to-die-for fetish fashions, there are plenty of other visual treats & sensory experiences.

For example, the Retinue has featured play with fire, bull whips, bondage, slave training, trampling, pony races & of course, rubber.

The Baroness says these gatherings are not attended just by some small inner circle of intimate friends, 'all are welcome.' ("well, not *all* there is a space limit!") Those attending include persons of many orientations, experiences & walks of life. Including those who walk in off the street ~ No doubt lured by the fantastic fashions that parade past them to the door... "I encourage people to dress spectacularly by giving them free admission, ...I will let people in all black for a higher rate $15, and for the truly wardrobe challenged it's $20, if you're in fetish it's only $5."

Ahh, finally an event that recognizes fashionable folks have already paid their dues....

Latex Rubber Fetish French Maid Costumes (You can read more about the events & sign up for notices here, and see more photos here.)

No typical BDSMer, The Baroness is old school. She believes it is not a Dom's purpose to serve the sub or slave by to fullfilling their every whim & fantasy. No. The Dom takes the pleasures they desire. The Baroness is so known for her old-school-hard-line practice, that she is often the one other Doms call when they need a slave punished.

She does not sub-scribe to the notion that 'one must bottom in order to top,' as she believes a person's response to pain is too personal to replicate. Shorthand ~ getting cracked by the whip doesn't mean you know how much pressure you can use when cracking that whip on another person. Though she does teach young Dommes.

Those lessons likely include more talk of the relationship process, the mental & emotional parts of BDSM, for one of her greatest delights is the process of controlling a servant. Or as she puts it, she "falls in love with taking their minds."

EmmaLee, who became smitten watching The Baroness on HBO's Real Sex, had a few questions regarding The Baroness & her relationships with servants...

When The Baroness began her plans for the New York boutique in August of 2004, she knew that she would be too focused & occupied with the new venture to be properly involved with her servants, so she let them all 'go.' However, now that the business is doing well, & start-up efforts have been replaced by the more even keel of business growth, The Baroness is looking...

Since EmmaLee was smitten, I naturally asked about how one would go about applying to become a servant of The Baroness. *wink*

The Baroness' Fetish Retinue 1) She obviously prefers someone with some experience, so she'd like them to write a resume. She stated if they cannot write, she's likely not that interested.

2) The Baroness is fond of gifts, so she'll ask them to bring her champagne. No, she won't tell us which, this is her version of a taste 'test.'

3) They must be presentable. (We think that's only obvious if you wish to serve a fashion icon!)

4) Living in New York is preferable. (But we suspect if you blow her away with your writing, bring the right champagne, & look tasty, this one is negotiable.)

5) This is an Equal Opportunity offering, so don't let your gender limit your application process ~ she won't!


All images are Mark McQueen, all rights reserved, used with permission.


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Discuss This (2 Comments)

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