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We do not have problems with our site or messages in general, but this is our policy. The policy exists so that we may continue to have a safe & comfortable atmosphere in which to share & discuss.

This space allows for women to ask & inform, explore & share, entertain & enlighten, & along the way, we suspect, we’ve helped a few men too.

It is through conversations that women identify, scrutinize, question, confront & come to terms with their concerns & needs. As women communicate with each other from a place of mutual respect, individual as well as partner needs, insecurities, & desires are exposed & understood. Gracie started this website "convinced it is these ongoing dialogues which will lead to further understanding in women, among women, & between the sexes. She hopes her projects are the start of these dialogues."

Much of this has been stated at various times on the website, but for clarification purposes, we thought it best to repost our site philosophy, our mission & yes, our publishing rights, in one location again.

We believe in the right of our columnists, our guest columnists, & our visitors not only to believe as they wish, but in the right to state those beliefs; and our own rights to publish those beliefs.

But make no mistake, there are rules. Posts of hate, personal attacks, or those with nothing to offer other than derogatory language are not allowed at any time. Persons may disagree. Debate is encouraged. But posts & comments to columnists & other visitors may not belittle, demean, insult, & *never ever* threaten.

We reserve the right to do the following, as necessary:

* Delete any posts we find offensive
* Block ISPs
* Report ISPs
* Turn any information gathered over to legal authorities

We are prepared to invest the time, and spirit, in such work, should it arise.

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints regarding this policy, sincere inquiry &/or proper discussion points ought to be sent to Gracie@sex-kitten.net.

With much affection,


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Discuss This (1 Comment)

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