Lesbian Sex! Card Game Review

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Hot lesbian sex via a card game? How on earth would that transfer? Sitting across from my lover, pulling cards from the deck, isn’t sexy. It sounded like a silly novelty game that some 15 year olds stole from their parents and brought in place of booze to the slumber party. I was not impressed with the idea.

Then I opened the deck.

Featured Recipe: Love Game


* Crushed Ice
* 3/9 Batida de Coco
* 2/9 Passoa
* 1/9 Grenadine
* Orange juice

Fill glass with crushed ice. Add batida de coco and then slowly add the Passoa. Next slowly add the grenadine, so is goes under the batida. You should get three layers: red, white, red.

Serve your guest the glass & the orange juice, but let your guest mix it, so they can be the one to mix the colors!

Lesbian Sex Game Review

Kheper Games, Inc. has come up with a wonderful way to get to know your lover and have some fun in the process. I’ve been with someone who couldn’t talk openly about what they wanted, at least in the beginning. How wonderful this deck would have been!

Lesbian Sex card game The cards are divided by how ‘hot’ they are. You start with red, then on through orange, yellow, white, and finally light blue. Going through the deck caused more than one giggle for me. The cards have cute, catchy names to help you laugh at them and not be intimidated. “Bye, Bye Beaver” was one of my favorites!

They manage to cover a wide range of sexual positions and a few fetishes. Included are cards for bondage, threesomes, “pussy footing around”, and sex on a toilet seat. While none of the cards delve deeply into these areas they make introducing the concept to a reluctant lover a less painful process.

I liked the fact that you are free to simply remove any cards that depict something you cannot do or do not wish to attempt. The company makes sure to remind all of us that just because there’s a drawing of a position it doesn’t mean we’re all that flexible or strong. They even include a reminder to use dental dams and/or other safety precautions.

There are three card games built into the one deck: Fortune Teller!, Ultimate Fantasy, and Lover’s Libido. I liked the sound of the last one best of all. In Lover’s Libido you sit across from your lover and you quiz each other. Every time one of you gets an answer correct you get to draw a card from the deck. Your object is to collect one card of each color that you prefer to act out when you win. When one of you has a card of each color the ‘game’ is over and the real fun begins as you start with the activity on the red card and work your way through the rest of the winner’s hand.

A deck of playing cards can easily fit into your car’s glove box, a camping backpack, or even the back pocket of your jeans! The next time you want to get to know more about what your girl likes in bed, why not make it more fun with a little less pressure? After all, every restaurant has a picture menu if you ask!

Get the game here!

(And there is a hetero version of Sex! too!)


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