Fetish! Board Game Review

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Ever woken up from a particularly vivid sexual dream and had the thought, “What was I *doing*?!” because you were enjoying a sexual act you had never tried in real life? You think about it for a while and realize that you’d like to explore it but don’t know where to start. Enter Kheper Games’ Fetish! board game.

Featured Recipe: The Strange Game


* 1 oz Light rum
* 1 oz vodka
* 1/2 oz Triple sec
* 2 oz Cranberry juice

Fill highball with ice, add rum & vodka, then fill with cranberry jice, top off with triple sec..

Fetish Board Game Review

The first thing I liked about this game is its graphics. They are simple and fun.

Fetish Adult Board Game The game contains four sets of cards, a board, Euphoria cards, two game pieces and one die. The four fetish categories are: food, bondage, voyeurism, and feet. You start off by choosing one ‘path’ to follow. You move your game piece around the board by rolling the die and advancing along your chosen path. You choose a card from the path and act out whatever it tells you to do. If you or your partner isn’t comfortable with the card’s instructions, you can simply place that card at the bottom of the deck and pull another one.

(I know you’ll be tempted to look through the cards before playing, but I’d advise against it. After reading through the cards I think that it would be more fun to have every card be a surprise.)

At points through the game you land on spaces where you can decide to try another path. The first player to move their game piece to the Euphoria space wins. During game play you and your partner take one of the Euphoria cards included and write down a fantasy you’d like to play out. The player who wins the game gets to act out his or her fantasy.

Having explored plenty of kinks before I was surprised at how well the cards covered bondage and voyeurism, in particular. Although the cards are geared to the initiate, I think old hands will find themselves more than entertained by the cards’ instructions as well.

My only suggestion for improvement of this game would be to use a sheet of paper instead of a euphoria card. I doubt I could record a thorough fantasy on the size of the card they give you. Don’t want to miss out on anything just because you couldn’t fit it in the space!

Review by EmmaLee.


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