Confessions of a Womanizer

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This is a dangerous book. More powerful than any man's little black book. For the journal entries of the womanizer are where he pours his soul, the girls in the little black book merely get his sperm.

Gracie reviews Confessions of a Womanizer by Stephen E. Chatman

In 'Confessions of a Womanizer,' Chatman provides more than a glimpse into the world of the predatory, noncommittal male. Through Catman's wonderful prose, we learn the hidden emotional life of a womanizer ~ yes, contrary to outward appearance, they do have emotions.

Therein lies the danger.

Her friends have named him a womanizer, a cad, a user. But she knows differently. Underlying every woman's fantasy about this man that all her friends tell her is a cad, is this deep rooted, unwavering conviction that he is wounded, and that she, & she alone, is the one worthy of helping him heal his wounds & exploring the emotional world with her ~ and only her. The fortress hides a passionate man.

Confessions of a Womanizer Chatman feeds every one of those fantasies with his rich, passionate journal entries. Even when he is at his most dispassionate in action, the writing belies a depth of feeling, code of honor, & pain ~ yes, even an awareness of 'her' pain.

Yet, he remains alone. Remains a womanizer.

For several pages you'll see him articulate his mission, his honor, his lack of interest in anything other than a sexual tryst. While he is confident, assertive and displays a few entitlement issues (he thinks his honesty in the pick-up ought to give him reward points when he is leaving the relationships he swore he'd never be in in the first place), he is by no means a cocky, overly-vain man. You get an image of a strong male, one who does not play games to hurt or mislead. In fact, you begin to think that a man like this ought not to be called a womanizer ~ he is merely a confirmed bachelor. And a wise man to realize his own needs & inabilities.

He'll write with such passion about his inability to understand man's ability to rape women, (presumably written as he waits at a rape trauma center), and then he's dispensing advice to a heartbroken women, "How could he possibly break your heart if he never rose higher than your panties?"

He dismisses an unwanted pregnancy of his own creation stating his confirmed bachelor status. And then the next entry is an ode to some mystery woman. A woman he adores, worships & yes loves so much, that lust is not the issue. Here he is, putting his huge organ on display for you, and it's not his penis, it's his heart.

But then it's back to more of his dating habits. It's a loop-de-loop. And the entries aren't boring or repetitive. No woman is named, nor I would think even identifiable to those ouside his inner circle, but this does not make them an endless parade of nameless, faceless, no bodies. Each woman is a somebody. Each entery is a study worthy of your attention.

There are a few pages when he seems satisfied in the glory of his own developing maturity, for example when he writes "The curse of the womanizer is to have an attraction for what we cannot have & a refusal to settle for whom we are with. I once believed it difficult to settle for less but I later recognized it is not a compromise when you finally choose to be with someone who is right for you."

And then he is singing the praises of yet another new woman.

There are chases & frustrations. Conquests & roads not taken. There are loud breakups, and the quiet moments when the romance disintegrates. He'll wax on rather poetically over the inner beauty of one girlfriend, then it's tirade regarding expecations placed upon him ~ a man who clearly stated the rules from the get-go. Next he laments the ability to approach a woman, his self-confidence shaken. He beckons, he repels. He says come hither, then disappears yon.

Like any real world womanizer, he dodges definition as he weaves his spell.

He dispenses advice to a fellow womanizer, then admonishes a poor husband: "Her hearing has not failed yet you repeatedly find it necessary to shout. How are you able to shout so loud with a mouth full of pride? Your pride needs to be swallowed or spit out. You demand that she spend more time in the house that you own, with a frequent emphasis on your ownership, yet you're rarely there, confining her to a humbling solitude. A solitude that once hurt until she learned to do without you. Now she cherishes your time away."

Reading through his journal pages, and one can't help but wonder "Where are all the men that write like this?!" And admittedly, we might dream of a man with such a rich emotional life.

His style of writing has a sophistication that charms a reader. I have no illusions about his ability to get the panties off any pretty behind he finds; If he can charm & seduce via journal entries, some of them despicable in situation, he must be amazing in the flesh...

In truth, there is danger in this book.

It's seductive powers can make you pine for this alluring & elusive man ~ or the one just like him you are thinking of when you hear the word 'womanizer.' (Don't!)

If you buy this book looking for the answers to understand The Womanizer, you won't find them here. But that's only because he doesn't have them himself yet. And if the magic of his writing lies tied up with those tangled emotions of his, for the selfish reasons of a reader, I hope he never does find the answers.

(Sorry to doom you to a life of solitude, Stephen. But a girl's gotta read.)

Bottom line: Buy this book. That's an order.

And read the interview with the author, Stephen Chatman!

Review & Gracie


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