Elegant French Stockings from Secrets in Lace

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My stockings and I had an exciting day together. A stockings review by Tess.

I selected “Lurex French Heel” from Secrets in Lace. Black with glittery red backseam. Opera size for my freakishly long legs.

Tess in Her New Stockings by Secrets in Lace

From the package, they come already foot-and-leg-shaped. No wadded up stretchy nylon stuffed into an egg. This is the treasure of real stockings…they make you feel beautiful before you’ve even put them on.

Light as air, they feel soft as butterfly wings. Black butterfly wings with a sexy red stripe. I noted the finishing hole and the Secrets in Lace welt imprint.

I selected red panties and bra, white garter belt. I slid the nylon over my legs and fastened the clasps, front and back. How delightful to find them long enough! Typically even “Tall” or “Long” sizes fail to come past mid-thigh, making it difficult for me to wear shorter skirts.

Secrets in Lace Stockings

I couldn’t resist putting on some high heels and strutting around half naked while I finished getting ready for my day. I blow-dried my hair, curled the ends, then secured it in a neat feminine twist at the nape of my neck. A little make-up, a little perfume. Finally, in a long straight wool skirt with matching jacket, I was ready to go.

Quite a busy day today. First, my stockings and I had a job interview. We played it very low-key. The length of my skirt and the brilliance of my resume ensured that no conservative corporate suit would be unduly offended by a flash of red-striped leg. Of course if he wanted to see, he could certainly turn his peepers down to my feet, one confidently placed squarely on the floor, the other extending from my crossed leg, my simple black pump dangling from my toes to expose the French heel tracing the Achilles tendon. Unlike Achilles, I am not vulnerable there and I felt no fear in exposing my heel.

We had lunch with a friend and I could not resist slipping a hand down beneath the table and sliding my fingers along the smooth silky surface of my leg while I demurely finished off chicken salad and iced tea above the table. I visited the ladies room twice, just to enjoy the thrill of nylon caressing my skin and to lift my skirt and admire my legs in the mirror.

My stockings and I had errands to run in the afternoon: pick up a package from Gracie at the post office, drop off sweaters at the dry-cleaners, go to the bank and make a deposit--but definitely walk-in and use the lobby. No drive-through lane for me when my legs are so elegantly dressed.

Tess Teasing in French Heel Stockings by Secrets in Lace I decided to invite my stockings along for my date with the Relentless Tease tonight. Perhaps together we would convey to him our intentions and get lucky at last. Perhaps we could do a little relentless teasing of our own.

Changing into a short black skirt and white silk blouse, I dug in the back of my closet for the perfect pair of elegant strappy fuck-me heels. I looked like I was poised to set a dance floor on fire somewhere in the city tonight. Of course I’m far too clumsy and graceless to dance, but thanks to my stockings and my strappy shoes, I felt like a dancer.

Relentless Tease did, in fact, coax me out onto the dance floor twice after a fabulous dinner, and then when the cocktail waitress asked if we’d like another drink, I sent the toe of my stocking up his pants leg to wiggle around in the delightfully sensitive spot at the back of his knee. Apparently we successfully conveyed our message, for the Tease declined another drink and asked for the check.

Thirty minutes later I was in the apartment of the Relentless Tease, pretending to admire his art and his rugs and the view from his balcony while my stockings and I cooked up a plan to get the four of us in the bedroom.

But the Tease had a plan of his own, and it wasn’t long before I felt his hand sliding up the inner calf of my leg, caressing the hand-sewn backseam of my stocking, now at my knee, now progressing up my thigh. Turning me toward him, he kissed me while his hand continued to play with my stockings and the fasteners that held them to the garter straps. He is a robust man and capable of lifting me and my stockings in his arms and carrying us to his bed, which he did do. There he lay me down and began to undress me. Clearly this man-take-charge encounter made my seduction plans moot, and I lay back to enjoy being ravished.

Off came the silky white blouse and he admired my breasts in their lacy red cups. He tugged at my skirt and managed to pull it down over my hips and off my legs, still clad in strappy black heels. With much fondling and kissing of my body, he then went to work on my garters. He had a mind to unfasten the straps and slide my stockings down my legs in a most seductive gesture, no doubt. I was like a birthday present he was eager to unwrap.

After several moments of frustrated fumbling, it was clear that the Relentless Tease could not master the combination on the lock of my feminine apparel. Finally, he ordered me in a husky growl, “Take them off.” and with an amused grin, I reached down and set my stockings free with a flick of my fingers. Some things should be left to a pro.

© Tess


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