A Hot Affair...with Your Partner

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Kat reviews the Hot Affair boardgame: A game for two consenting adults who wish to have fun and enjoy an intimate liaison with each other.

Featured Recipe: An Affair


* 2 oz Strawberry schnapps
* 2 oz Orange juice
* 2 oz Cranberry juice
* Club soda

Pour schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice in a highball glass of ice. Top with club soda and serve.

Kat Reviews The Hot Affair Board Game

When I first received this game, I laughed with anticipation. My partner and I have played games in the past. You know the ones, the dice with sayings on them, strip poker, and I've even gone as far as playing a little strip golf, and playing with his driver on the 16th hole. But I never thought of having a steamy affair with my partner... until now that is.

Hot Affiar Game On a steamy friday night, me wearing a lacy teddy, and him wearing his silkiest boxers, we dimed the lights, switched off the phone, poured us some drinks, and got ready to play the hottest game ever!

The directions are quite self explanatory and very easy to follow. In this game there are 3 levels. In the intimate 'pink' level you listen, laugh and learn as you reveal more about yourself and your partner..hence, the start of the affair.

Next, you move on to the passionate "purple" level (my favortie color too)..There, more touching and stroking is involved. Which leads to saucy conversations and more exciting, sensous actions.

Then comes the steamy "red" level...let me tell ya..it's HOT!HOT!HOT! these steamy actions and scenarios take you to the brink, and leave you longing for the final fantasy!!!

What is amazing is that there are so many ways to play this game... with 3 different levels, you can personalize the game according to how you are both feling. To build anticiaption and rekindle passion, you may just want to play the pink level..and you decide how long to play at that level. You can then gradually move on to the other levels as you wish.

Agree in advance on your strategy... it's unreal how restrictions increase desire. But however you choose to play this came, I hope you have great fun. I know we'll be playing it for a long time to come. :)


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