Horny Little Devil Kit Review

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Libby gets evil testing out Doc Johnson's Horny Little Devil Kit.

Sexy Devil

Mix ingredients over ice -- why be any more complex?


* 0.5 oz. Dry Vermouth
* 2 oz. Vodka
* 1 oz. Absolut KurantŪ

Libby Has Some Devilish Fun

Gracie suprised me with this lil' goodie during the recent SK outing in Minnesota. As I pulled it out of the Priority MailBox of naughty toys, I pondered whether this kit was targeted towards men, women, or couples. The kit includes a fire-engine red waterproof pocket rocket, 1-oz. Of Hot and Sexy Strawberry massage gel, a set of devil ears, and a men's g-string pouch with a devil's face on it. Fun! I had no idea where to start with this one...

I knew right away that there was no man I could get to wear the Lil' Devil pouch. The thing is a bit flimsy and resemble a woman's g-string more than anything a man would wear, but I figured if I got someone drunk enough, it might be worth a try. I carried the kit around for a few weeks waiting for the right time to spring it on my man, but our schedules kept conflicting.

Eventually I pulled out the Hot and Sexy massage gel and used it on a client, who gave it his approval. The lotion warms to the touch, smells super-sweet, and supposedly warms even more when you blow on it. It is a bit sticky, however, so caution should be used when giving massages on nice clean sheets.

The Pocket Rocket is a given. I've had several of these before in a variety of colors (but never red!) and they generally do the job well. Small, discreet, and easy to carry with you, they power up on one AA battery and give plenty of clit-buzzing action. I plan to put this one to good use.

Finally, one day when fooling around on the couch with my man, I pleaded with him to try out my new sex toy kit I'd been given. He immediately nixed the idea of wearing the g-string, but I put the devil ears on my head to show him how "horny" I was. Like he needed a cue! He eventually pulled them off me, saying I looked 'goofy' so I pulled out the Pocket Rocket and we got down to some action. Nice!

The kit makes for a cute gag gift, but would I buy this myself? No. All I really need is the Pocket Rocket and I'm good to go. The rest are just extras. Now if I could just find some daring young man to model this g-string for me...


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