Good In Bed, by Jennifer Weiner

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As someone who's never tackled the genre of "summer beach books" I thought it was high time to explore this little corner of the reading world for myself - and found it to be a better experience than I had thought it would be!

Ok. So it’s summer time and in the summer we women are supposed to read “beach books,” or so I've read in those silly fashion magazines. Never having explored that genre (for complete lack of interest in "pop culture reading," I decided to try this summer and see what all the hype is about. I think I got lucky. *wink*

I’m not sure that this is a typical "beach read," but it actually caught my attention. I found myself identifying with the main character a bit, something I didn’t think I’d do with a book from this genre. It’s not the syrupy sweet love story that I’d come to expect from reading blurbs about “books you should take to the beach” but then again, I wasn’t going to be reading this one at the beach so I guess that it was fitting that it was different.

Cannie Shapiro is very much an average woman. Well, other than the fact that her mother has come out of the closet as being a lesbian, her father has pretty much dropped out of her life, and she opens a magazine one day to find her ex-boyfriend has written an article about her in a national women’s magazine – “Loving a Larger Woman.”

The novel covers a year of her life, following her discovery of the ex’s article – a year that finds her dealing with her past, looking her future straight in the eye, and learning more about herself than she ever would have dreamed. Jennifer Weiner tackles themes of abandonment, sex, parent issues, weight/self esteem, loyalty and friendship as she takes us on Cannie’s journey of discovery. I can't actually share much of the plot itself here because it unfolds so well on it's own it should be read, not discussed.

Easy to read, with a very likeable, easy to relate to main character, “Good In Bed” was a surprise for someone like me who was expecting some romantic schlock from a book recommended as “summer reading.” While it hasn’t found it’s place to my “favorites” bookshelf, it is a book I’d recommend to friends as a fun romp that actually has some deeper insights than one would expect from something in this genre.

Review by Ina

Good In Bed, by Jennifer Weiner
Washington Square Press, 400 pages
ISBN: 0743418174


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