Secrets of Western Sex Magic

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Secrets worth sharing...

For the first third of this book I had a hard time relating to the text. For example, I'm really uncomfortable with the assertion that I must break down the barriers of my own sexual inhibitions before I can truly become enlightened and powerful as a sex magician. What this means is that if there is some sexual act that I would not perform, such as necrophilia, then that is the very act I must perform or at least be open to in order to achieve Nirvana.

Well excuse me, I thought, but maybe I was not meant to be a sex magician if my assignment is to do the shit that makes me most uncomfortable and learn to like it. I mean, sure, having sex with dead people technically doesn't harm anybody, so why should it be wrong? Okay, maybe it's not wrong, but it's still gross and I'm not doing it.

So, having resolved my necrophilia issues, and with inhibitions and barriers firmly in place, I carried on, cringing a little at the ultra-serious tone. This is sex, for goodness' sake, it's supposed to be fun!

Fortunately, the section on using mantras to delay orgasm made me smile (if you can picture yourself or your partner determinedly muttering Om, Hram, Hrim, Hrum, Om, Mani Padme Hum to avoid blowing a nut, you'll understand why). The ice was further broken when I encountered instructions complete with delightful little drawings on how to wear a loin cloth. Now that I was laughing out loud, I figured the best way to get along with this book was to avoid taking it too seriously.

The text touches on a variety of sexual and magical topics but without covering any in great detail. Each chapter is rather short, so easy to skip over or rush through the parts that give you the heebies. The exercises are designed to be done alone or with a partner of either sex, and they are quite tempting to try.

Theough the author takes the subject matter much more seriously than I was able to do, he does have a sense of humour. In spite of being initially creeped out, I was won over with this line: "No man with real experience of women, uncolored by his own inferiority feelings, will deny the immense active sexual power of women."

Review by Tess

Secrets of Western Sex Magic, by U.D. Frater
Llewellyn Publications, 240 pages
ISBN: 1567187064


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