Ina Test Drives The Powermate-3 Dual Bullets

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Usually silver bullets will only finish off werewolves, but these dual bullets were more than Ina could handle.

San Diego Silver Bullet
Shake the ingredients over ice, strain into an old-fashioned glass and serve. Down it in one.

* 2oz Sambuca
* 2oz vodka

Ina Fires Off The Powermate-3 Dual Bullets

Well, what can I say – when I took out the control to put in batteries and (not knowing the switch was in the “on” position) the two bullets leapt to life and literally jumped out of the tray they were sitting in. Now THAT is a promising toy! The control for the bullets offer separate speed controls so you can taper the individual buzz to a specific bullet – pretty nifty idea that I hadn’t seen before in anything other than the “Rabbit” style vibrators. The bullets themselves are a shiny chrome color, which is nice. The cords connecting the bullets to the control are really nice and long. The control is a dual slide that is really easy to use. It’s a very easy to use toy.

What are not so nice are the seams on the middle of each bullet. Not smooth, with a slightly raised edge, they could have a tendency to irritate tender areas. To speak to how the toy itself feels? Well, I’m a girl who likes subtle touches and vibrators that can go from a barely there buzz to a pounding vibration depending on what’s going to feel best. Sadly these bullets have nothing subtle about them. The lowest speed seems to be the same as a high speed on other types of vibrators. This could be great if you like intensity, but for me it was a bit much. I think these bullets would be someone’s dream toy – someone who loves intense stimulation, differing speeds, easy to use controls and easy to clean toys. They just weren’t the toy for me this time around.

Overall rating:o_O - not too bad, and could be perfect for the right people!

Rating Scale:
o : barely elicited a heavy breath
o_o : would work if I didn't have my own hand
o_O : not too bad, could be good to use with some "help"
O_o : pretty good, take when traveling
O_O! : loved it - go buy it now!


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