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According to our poll, everyone at is a serious book addict. (Or, we have little laundry to do, being naked most of the time ~ entirely possible...)

And don't even get us started about writing ~ it's like talking, which is like breathing for God's sake!

...Oh, wait a minute... this issue is all about writing, books, reading & authors!

Well, that explains the HUGE size of this issue! *giggle*

Come meet the folks doing all the talking! (Hey, there are famous people in here!)

Before you begin, you may wish to get your coffee, wine, tea or whatnot; move the computer to your favorite reading chair; and get ready to settle in.

Seated in our sea of cushy pillows, louging about and discussing all bookish things are (in alphabetical order):

bard: A poet, artist, who divides his time with writing and or drawing or rerouting all the frustrated energy of his libidinous urges. His first book of erotic BDSM poetry will be published soon.

Hanne Blank: Hanne Blank is a writer, editor, public speaker, and educator whose work has appeared to great acclaim in many print and online publications, anthologies and collections, as well as in book form. A classically-trained musician who is also formally educated as an historian, she has been writing full-time since 2000. She is currently the featured author in our Book Club. You can find more at her website.

Kola Boof her website,, states she is a womanist, novelist, and a poet. Kola is often called an opportunist, harlot, and a bitch. To us, she is a mother, woman, author, and an activist. You can read our exclusive interviews with Kola here and here.

Heather Brewer is an author of dark fantasy, horror, gay and contemporary fiction, as well as a registered member of the International Wenches Guild. Her work has appeared in DarkMoon Rising and Tit-Elation, a women's erotica e-zine. In her free time she attends renaissance faires in costume and in character. Heather resides in Missouri with her husband, two children and one very spoiled hamster. For more information, visit her website.

Josh Carson: Josh Carson is a graduate of the University of MN. He's occaionally a working actor at such theatres as the Brave New Workshop. In 2002, Josh and some friends started Mainly Me Productions, a production company that has gone on to produce all the play's Josh has written, including: Video Guy, Sober Cab, Calvin Waters, and most recently, Paxton Vs. Pullman. You can also read our interview here.

Stephen E. Chatman emerged in 2003 as an author to take note of. His memoirs, Confessions of a Womanizer, opened the corridors of the male mind, and captured the attention of the publishing industry. His pen-in-your-face writing evolved from reading Playboy magazine, as a child, under the covers with a flashlight. You can find out more in our interview and at his website.

Elvira Pearson, aka Laurel Cook, is one of the contributors to three collections of stories by the Kensington Ladies' Erotica Society (1984, 1986, 2002). She has operated her home-based business, A Way with Words, since 1990. You can find Laurel at and Elvira at

Kim Ficera is an essayist living in the San Francisco Bay area. She is the author of Sex, Lies and Stereotypes: An Unconventional Life Uncensored. Read her popular column, Don't Quote Me!, on every other Wednesday.

Bee Lavender is a writer, editor, publisher, and activist. Her books include the anthologies Breeder and Mamaphonic. Her most recent book is a critically acclaimed memoir about danger titled Lessons in Taxidermy. For more information about Bee check out her website,, and don't forget her exclusive SK interview!

Jude Mason is a people watcher with a wicked imagination that frequently leads her astray. Much to her husbands' dismay at times, she eagerly follows while trying to keep out of trouble. For those of you who know her, youíll know thatís not always easy. A picture, a smell, an unexpected glimpse of flesh, or a load of soil in the back of a pick-up, are all fodder for her writing. Published both online and in print, she's a prolific author who hungers for even greater success. You can find out more at her website and her blog.

Gwen Masters is the author of several novels, more than a few songs and hundreds of short stories. To learn more about her, visit her website at

Jason Miller: A professor of creative writing and literature, J Eric Miller is author of the short story collection, Animal Rights and Pornography, available from Soft Skull press, Bloodletting and Fruits of Lebanon, available from Ink Pot Press. Read our interview with the author here, and for more info, visit his website and blog.

Katy Terrega has been writing about sex for almost ten years and her credits include Penthouse Forum, Playgirl, Score and Gallery, among many others. She also runs a free newsletter at and a paid site,, for sex writers.

Rose Solomon: Rose lives a double life in Berkeley writing creative non-fiction and promoting progressive humanitarian causes. She can be contacted through the Kensington Ladies' website,

And a few assorted Sex Kittens are strewn about as well *wink*

Most of the discussion is in The Parlor and Reading sections. But the paw prints on the home page help you see at it all! (And a new poll too!)

SK News:

I'm happy to announce, that we have two new columnists who have moved into the boudoirs. Please welcome Angela and former guest Sabrina!

Contest Winner!

Remember our "Worst Gift Ever" contest? Cherry wrote:

"So my 18th birthday was the day after my high school graduation. And NO ONE remembered it!! The one person that remembered was my boyfriends mom and she gave me lingerie (weird?). Once my boyfriend caught on (who happened to be a major drunk), he went and bought me a bottle of Skyy vodka. So that was the crappiest present I ever got from a boy...and he only remembered because his mom bought me skivvies. Hmpf."

I selected Cherry because, well, accepting lingerie from your boyfriend's mother is bad enough, but while you are in high school yet?! And if that's the only way your boyfriend remembers it's your special day... well, I'm just hoping Cherry has better pickin's now *wink*

In any event, Cherry wins a copy of "The Male Gift Giving Survival Guide" to help train the current one ~ in plenty of time for the holidays. Good luck, Cherry!

New Contest!

To celebrate words & writing, we'll encourage your dirty little minds to write dirty limericks!

Winner will get a bottle of Doc Johnson's scented massage oil (scent may vary).

Limericks should be about, or the columnists here... Yeah, we completely want to be adored in dirty limericks, we're attention whores.

So send me an email to me at Please put "SK Dirty Limerick" in the subject line, and note that no attachments will be opened. Deadline is October 1, 2005. (We reserve the right to publish all entries on our website, but we will not share your personal information nor a way to identify you.)

Sin Free Sex Toys!

Yes, sin free sex toys at the Sex Kitten Store ~ Check out our current special!

(And remember, your purr-chase helps remain a free site ~ So it's not just sin-free, it's a blessing!)

Again, I'd like to thank all the wonderful authors for making the time to talk with us ~ You can thank them by visiting their websites, and by buying their works!

With much affection,

PS Again, I remind all of our subscribers to check your email addresses & to put on your safe lists. Many of you are not receiving your emails as they are bouncing back as 'unacceptable' or undeliverable. We don't spam (you signed up, remember?), so please don't make us feel like we do!

For those who have not yet joined, here's where you can subscribe:

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