Pondering the Inner Thoughts of Women in Porn

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I often wonder what women in porn have to go through in their personal lives, what kind of emotional turmoil, if any, do they have to deal with. In the past people that worked in pornography were outcasts, but in today's society some are as famous or infamous as regular celebrities. It makes me wonder if there are still female "victims" in porn, or have women discovered a way to use their sexuality to their advantage while giving men what they want.

I am a woman and I enjoy porn. I watch it from time to time and sometimes it can be very arousing. Not all porn is created equal though, and I have watched some porn that was downright pathetic and others that were just strange. With the internet, porn is more popular and easily accessible than ever before. No more slipping into the adult room at the back of a video store hoping and praying that no one you know will see you renting it, no more ordering through the mail and waiting forever to get it, now it is easily accessible at home, online 24/7.

With more porn, there are more young girls entering the porn industry. I wonder how much they really understand. Do they think about the long term affects it may have on their lives? What happens when they meet a guy and want to get married, will she tell him, what if he finds out on his own? What if when they get older and have children, their children see it? Or what if they want to be a Girl Scout leader or member of the P.T.A? Starring in porn could come back to haunt them. I wonder if any of them think about any of that, or do they even care? Are they just trying to earn a living or do they think they’ll become famous?

I know some women have harnessed their sexual power and use it to make money. They are giving men what they want while getting their own in the process. I’ve watched interviews with porn stars like Jenna Jameson. She seems to be in control and handling life great, but I still have to wonder if she has any inner turmoil.

Porn stars are no longer the social outcasts they once were. Today even if you don’t watch porn you’ve probably heard the names of a few porn stars. They date celebrities; they write books, they appear in tabloids, on talk shows, in music videos, even in mainstream movies. Maybe this is why more girls enter porn; they think they will actually become famous like these other porn stars. Even main stream celebrities try to act like porn stars making their own homemade sex videos and somehow they mysteriously get into the hands of the press.

I consider myself to be sexually open and liberated, but I know how I was raised. My morals and my conscious wouldn’t let me do porn. I don’t think I could ever live with myself no matter what I showed the rest of the world. I could appear tough on the outside but inside I wouldn’t be right. I know I would show the world a sexually open individual, a goddess that uses sex to get what she wants without being a victim. Inside though I would feel a little dirty, at least sometimes, I’d feel wrong. Do any of these “famous” porn stars feel like that inside or are they completely OK with what they do and how they make their money?


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