Good Girls Don't Like Porn

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But, then, I wasn't always a good girl.

When I was growing up, good little girls were supposed to like the The Bobbsey Twins books and Nancy Drew mysteries. Well, I made it through three of the Bobbsey Twins before getting bored. However, Nancy Drew was another story. I did read a lot of them, though I always wanted her and Ned to “get it on,” which they never did.

As we grew older we were supposed to like The Bronte Sisters. I gagged. They were so proper. And nothing really exciting really happened to the heroines in their books…like them jumping into bed with someone. It was all so repressed.

I guess the raciest thing I read by the time I was 10 was Forever Amber. It was risqué. It was banned in Boston. And I loved it. My mother had it hidden in the basement, which just happened to be my playroom. And I read it…more than once and liked the movie, but it wasn’t quite as graphic as the novel.

Let’s just say my other adolescent reading consisted of the encyclopedia…yeah. Suffice to say I was intrigued by Torquemada and the Salem Witch Trials. When the local librarian wouldn’t let me check out Lolita I quit going to the library. But that is another column.

Fast forward 30 years or so, and good girls still aren’t supposed to like porn. Even in the freedom of the ‘60’s there really wasn’t a market for women. All the porn was targeted at men. There really wasn’t much out there for the woman who wanted erotic stimulation. I had two options: Men’s porn bored the hell out of me. I could write my own. Needless to say, I took the second option.

But women’s porn is still in the closet. My foster kids think it’s cool I write it, just don’t ask them to read it. For them it’s kind of like finally figuring out that your mom and dad really do have sex. And co-workers know that Jewel “has a dark side” but ”don’t go there.”

OK, here’s the rant. Women are just as sexual as men. Sometimes, I think we are more so. What is one woman’s porn is another’s art. And the best foreplay I can think of is reading my friend my latest story. Healthy stimulation is just as important to us as it is to men. As a writer, I am as proud of my erotic writings as I am of the political and other writings. Erotica/porn is as important to us as it is to men. Why else do we purchase those little nothings from Victoria’s Secret?


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Discuss This (2 Comments)

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Jewel started writing in response to a challenge. She writes for a special person who encourages her. She knows if it turns him on, it will turn you on. She is the Lady of the Castle and Mistress of your imagination.

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