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Betti Mustang lets the cat out of the bag when it comes to her secret life in porn... Okay, really bad amateur porn, but porn none the less.

I have never had a problem with pornography. Okay, that’s a bull-faced lie-- but you expected me to say it, didn’t you?

No, really I had a serious problem with porn when I first became “aware” of it. I grew up in a pretty hard-core Christian family (and this was all pre-internet) where Girlie-Mags just didn’t happen.

Anyway, the first time that I saw a porn mag was in my 9th grade History class. Come to think about it, it was also the first time I had seen straight up a woman’s pussy-- more on that another day.

Yeah, so I’m sitting there and I look over at the guy sitting next to me, and he’s looking at this mag with this really disturbing look in his eyes and then he looks at me and then back at the mag and then back at me. I’m sitting there like, “Fuck no...”

It was weird. I changed schools.

I don’t know what happened to me in the following decade-- a lot of shit, I guess. But by the age of twenty-four my view on porn had changed so much and had become so lenient that I decided to dive into the sex-worker water myself.

Considering my Eurasian background and the fact that I have really small boobies, it sure as fuck wasn’t Playboy that was banging on my door. Nope, it was the friendly neighborhood Fetish Pornographer. He was hot, by the way. Super-fucking-duper hot. Sigh, how many naked girls have fallen for their photographers?

I have no problem getting naked, I can say that with a clear conscience. Naked is natural. So anyway, I found myself standing there, naked in this strange man’s black lacquer kitchen. Now, don’t get me wrong. I was scared shitless. I mean, it had nothing to do with being naked, he could examine me between the legs or rouge my nipples all damn day, but I had watched 8 mm (the movie about snuff films). Weird shit happens.

To make my short lived story even shorter, our model/photographer relationship lasted just a few weeks, and I only got naked for the camera for two days and a total of about three hours. Yes, there are probably close to a hundred digital images of my cunt and barely-there boobs floating around in cyberspace. He wanted more than I could give, though. I quit.

So why would a girl that was pro-naked, pro-sex, pro-porn, pro-erotica refuse to sign the release form on her own naked pictures? Here are my personal reasons:

1) I was worried that my ex would find them and use them against me in court

2) My then-boyfriend-now-husband was less than excited about the “project”

3) Mr. Photographer (with whom I admit to a passionate tryst with) wanted to go further-- film, threesomes, blow jobs etc. and I knew that I just couldn’t do it. I could only go as far as me alone, or me with a sex toy. Germs, man, germs!

4) My upbringing was/is so deeply rooted in me that it was killing me on the inside. It was like a spreading ulcer.

I guess the question that I should be asking myself is: Why am I so supportive of pornography and the women involved in it if I couldn’t follow through with it myself?

Hmm... My answer to that question is the standard “to each his/her own”. Maybe some people like reading about sex but feel sick inside if they try to write it... Does that mean they should not read it anymore or, even worse, try to stop me from writing about it? Fuck no, I’d kill you with my pen if you tried.

It’s gotta be the same with porn.

As a side note, some may argue that, “Oh, these poor women got involved in it (porn) and now they can’t get out... and oh dear, they feel so degraded... blah blah blah”.

Gag me with a ten inch cock. The only thing that these women can’t break away from is the payday. Can’t get out of porn? Email me and I’ll send in a relief squad. Seriously.

Anyway, I’’m Pro-Watching and Anti-Participating when it comes to porn. I know, I’m a pussy.



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Discuss This (7 Comments)

Betti Mustang's Room

Betti Mustang is a word-nerd, tattooed, has her clitoris pierced, is hopelessly addicted to caffeine and is one hell of a 9-ball and Texas Hold 'em player. She is rumored to be fantastic in bed. You can find our more at her blog.

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