Internet Bad Boy Gets it Right: An Interview with Jay of Alta Heels.Com

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Angela gets up close and personal with Jay, the man behind the high heels, at the ultra-sexy and ultra-sleek website, AltaHeels.Com

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Because the Internet likes to surprise us with interesting new friends when we least expect it, I ran into Jay, the webmaster behind, about a year ago. Ever since that fateful day when he gave me a generous, little glimpse into his world, Iíd been dying to pick his brain. Being both cautious and discrete by nature, heís managed to put me off and skirt the issue, time and again. And being the gentleman that he is, I never even felt his gentle brush-off.

This past week either he wasnít up to his usual adroit slipperiness or maybe just felt sorry for me. Regardless of his reasons, I finally found myself sitting down to have a heart-to-heart with this mysterious, illusive man. Quite frankly, I was a bit nervous and even embarrassed after all the pathetic needling Iíd put him through. But Jay, with his boyish demeanor and self-effacing humor, soon put me at ease. In fact, I think I even came away from that awesome afternoon with a bit of a crush!

Angela: First, I have to tell you that I just think your website is awesome in so many ways. Itís classy rather than flashy. When I look at it, I see a site that is ďupscale naughtiness,Ē presented by someone who cares about what they are doing, someone who delivers what they promise. You were generous enough to let me in to peek around and I was just amazed. There was so much there, a person could spend days languishing.

Jay: Thanks, Angela. Iím very conscientious about my website and my business. I want my customers to be the happiest guys on the Internet. Of course, like every other red-blooded, heterosexual male, I love women, so it is a lot of fun for me. My friends are envious, thinking I have the best gig in the world. But, donít kid yourself; it is a heck of a lot of work, too! I do all my own photography and I add new content every other day.

Angela: Considering that Alta Heels is a huge site, I am surprised that you donít use professional photographers.

Jay: I could do that, of course. But it wouldnít be the same site offering the high-shelf, personal experience my members expect and deserve. Everything about AltaHeels is fine-tuned and directed by me. I recruit the girls, I buy the lingerie the girls wear, I take the photographs, and I work hours and hours getting everything just right.

Angela: Speaking of the models on your site: Wow! They are simply beautiful. How do you find them and how do you get those lovely, sexy poses.

Jay: I live in Las Vegas and have immediate access to some of the best strip clubs and showgirls in the country. These ladies are not professional models; which means I spend a lot of time finding them, and then recruiting them. When it comes to a photo session, because they have no prior experience, I work with them to get them comfortable in front of the camera, and then take a heck of a lot of pictures. You wouldnít believe the pictures I throw away because they just arenít good enough. Sometimes they are naturals and the work goes quickly, with everything seeming to fall in place. Sometimes it takes a lot longer, for a variety of reasons. Either way, I pay them by the hour and I think they would agree that the pay is above average. My goal is to get three different sets of pictures per session; sometimes I spend a lot of time and money to accomplish that.

Angela: HmmmÖ How many pictures are we talking about here?

Jay: I take a lot of pride in the fact that my members are getting a lot more than they pay for. If you take a look at Playboy or Penthouse you will see the average spread of pictures is around six to seven. Each spread at my site contains anywhere from twenty to seventy pictures. Thatís twenty to seventy pictures you canít find anywhere else. I know it is appreciated because of the emails I get.

Angela: Of course, it is obvious that you cater to the stocking, high-heel, and panty hose enthusiast. Do you pick out what the girls wear? Do they bring it themselves? How does that work?

Jay: Most of the time, the models are wearing what I bought for that particular session. I frequent a couple of high-end lingerie salons and am always looking for sexy clothing and heels. Many times, a member will send
Being in this business is a double-edged sword. Yes, I get to spend hour upon hour with beautiful women. But, I am working when I am taking pictures.
items he would like a model to wear for a session, and I am more than happy to accommodate him.

Angela: I noticed you have audios to go with some of the sets. You also have videos available.

Jay: Yes, I am not kidding when I say I want my members to have the best experience they can find. My site is not a pornography site. It is about how beautiful and sexy women are in high heels and stockings. I want the customers to enjoy this in a variety of ways: They can just look at the picture sets, they can look at pictures and listen to an audio story to go along with that particular set, or they can even watch hot and sexy videos. Again, from the emails I get, I think the guys are pleased.

Angela: What would you say to the new guy on the block wanting to set up a site like this?

Jay: I hate to be negative, but I would advise him not to start. It takes a lot of time and energy to build a business. Iíve been working up to this since 1998, when a girlfriend and I posted some pictures on a message board. The response was overwhelming and things just kind of expanded from there. But that was then and this is now. Todayís market is tough and crowded. Unless they have a lot of money to buy their way in via back-links and other methods, they will find it a very tough row to hoe.

Angela: Do you have any advice for the person that is already out there with a website and needs some helpful hints from a successful guy like yourself?

Jay: I would say he needs to be ethical and moral in the way he presents his material, the way he treats his customers, and the way he protects his member list. I offer perks to my return customers, i.e. extending free passes to other websites I own and fulfilling their requests for special photo sets. I never sell their information and I adhere to a strict Privacy Policy. I donít even let my affiliates promote via email, just to guard against possible spam situations. Repeat business is the key to success for any business. If you donít keep your customer base satisfied, even beyond satisfied, you cannot and will not be successful. Itís the basic ď10Ē rule that all prosperous businesses adhere to: If it takes Ten Dollars to get a customer, it will only take Ten Cents to keep him. But if you piss him off, it is going to take Ten Times the original Ten Dollars to get him back. Or something like that; you get the picture.

Angela: So, Jay, I gotta ask: Whatís a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?

Jay: Well, Angela I could ask you the same thing: Whatís a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?

Angela: Touchť. Ok, I guess what I am asking is personal and I am beating around the bush. So, Iíll just jump right in: Do you have a girlfriend? Do you ever date your models? In other words, howís your love life?

Jay: Being in this business is a double-edged sword. Yes, I get to spend hour upon hour with beautiful women. But, I am working when I am taking pictures. I canít be playing around or Iíd lose the quality and professionalism that goes into each and every session. On occasion, I have developed a personal relationship with a model and Iíve even dated a few. But that was totally outside the working relationship. And I do date girls besides models. It can get sticky, because some girls just canít handle what I do; they canít separate the business guy from the everyday guy. It can be frustrating.

Angela: What kinds of things do you do for fun? What does the ďeveryday guyĒ like to do when heís not taking pictures of sexy women in high heels?

Jay: Living in Vegas, you would think Iíd be a big gambler, but Iím not. Occasionally, I will play a few hands of Black Jack, but mostly I stay away from the casino action. I do what guys usually do: Watch sports, catch a little television, have a beer with my buddies, read a book, play a round of golf now and then. Ok, maybe I play more that a round of golf a little more often than now and then.

Angela: Jay, you are just too, too cute!


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