Porn is the New Black

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Being gay has done nothing to curb my love for women in porn...

Pornography is a billion-dollar industry in the United States, and that's in large part to the women who star in them. Save all that rigmarole about how porn degrades women and is written by men and takes advantage of them and all that rot; the Internet (and the face of modern porn) wouldn't be what it was without those big-breasted, wasp-waisted women in such Russ Myers classics like "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" or "Vixen!" and the men (and women) who brought those fantasies to life for a generation of horndogs.

Now, what used to be a red-light, backroom private viewing is now as conventional as e-mail. What used to fuel the pornographic image of an hourglass figure and starlet looks has taken a backseat to the fact that now anyone can set up a website and become a porn star. Stay-at-home moms are now pulling spread-eagle video streams while the hubby's away at work, giving a new meaning to the phrase "desperate housewife". While this has fundamentally turned the pornography industry on its ear, you have to wonder if all this porn is really a good thing, especially to young boys today.

As a young man, my first experiences with pornography were not very diverse. Usually, there was some enormous-breasted woman with fire-engine red lipstick and nails and stiletto heels who was hungry for cock and cum and vocal as all hell about it. What's worse is that I actually thought that's how sex with a woman actually went down. Lord knows my awkward experiences with the fairer sex hardly played out like an Adam and Eve exclusive flick. I often wonder how many other guys had such skewed perceptions of sex with women as a result of watching pornography.

Being gay has done nothing to curb my love for women in porn. Most gay porn these days could certainly learn a lesson from them (better casting for men -- hello!), and one site in particular gives a guy like me the best of both worlds -- the sounds and curves of a woman with the sweat and muscle of a man. Straight Guys for Gay Eyes helps bridge that gap for me and is probably the next wave of pornography as fetishes mix and tastes evolve. Check it out and you'll see what I mean.

But then again, with the way desires change, this could be old hat before you know it.

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