Gracie Finds Porn So Exciting, She Wets Herself

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Find out what movie has "ants-in-your-pants, can't-sit-still, must-finger-yourself heat!"

Urban Friction - A Modern Romance

Urban Friction is the story of a young couple whose sexual life pushes boundaries ~ not just societal boundaries of sexuality, but their personal boundaries as well. We see in a few flashback scenes, how Mika has given her lover, Poochie, his fantasy of being dominated by taking him to a pro Domme.

Urban Friction BDSM Flashback Scene

Now it is Mika's turn for a fantasy to become reality. However, when Mika finally reveals the fantasy that really gets her hot, Poochie isn't so sure about delivering it...

Ah, a story line with some anticipation... Will they? Won't they? Porn could use more of that.

Urban Friction - A Modern Romance

Adding to the storyline is the fact that Poochie is a bad dawg. He has some issues with temptation ~ not only does he give into temptations, but he looks for them as well.

(Which only adds to the anxiety & anticipation! Should they do this? Should they be together even?)

While Mika knows that Poochie is out cheating, she still wants a relationship with him. She suspects that this dog needs proper training. And she doesn't seek to train or dominate him in the traditional BDSM way ~ instead, she figures if he'll fulfill her fantasy, she'll have the upper hand.

So what is her fantasy?

To have another man screw her while Poochie watches.

But if she gets what she wants, will she loose Poochie? While Mika & Poochie live their lives with the will-they-or-won't-they tension all around, you get to watch plenty of hot sex:

Of course, Mika & Poochie screw.

Mika masturbates to a vampire fantasy.

Urban Friction Vampire Masturbation Scene

Poochie picks up up a gloriously tattooed woman & beds her (this is some of the hottest sex in the film ~ go ahead, watch & see!)

When Mika seeks counsel of her girlfriend, you get the obligatory girl/girl bathtub scene.

Urban Friction Scene:  Girls Masturbate In Bath

OK, and yes, Mika gets to try her fantasy ~ so it's threesome time! Better yet, it's two guys, one girl hot, with the added bonus of Poochie being taught a lesson!

Urban Friction: The Three Meet

The three-some scenes are sexy, showing a bit of Mika's unease as she tentatively begins to seduce this new man, and showcasing Poochie's arousal at watching, but not touching... As the couple dance & strip, Poochie begins to stroke himself... You just know he's dying to get in the mix! Eventually he does, but his wish is Mika's command!

Urban Friction The Morning After, Mika Seals The Deal

The number one reason this film works: they use film to tell a hot story.

While that may sound over-simplified or obvious, trust Gracie when she says porn is generally not this clever. Most porn producers don't consider the fact that they ought to be telling a story ~ a randy story, yes, but a story nevertheless. And while porn plots can be more than a bit contrived as they exist only to get to the next fuck scene, this porn uses film to tell a story AND to make you hot.

Libido uses film to both tell and add to the story ~ not just to record some humping.

And this folks, is where you get that ants-in-your-pants, can't-sit-still, must-finger-yourself heat!

Instead of close-ups of genital action (that continue way too long) & then a sudden stop-filming-change-positions-start-filming-in-the-next-position jump, this film artisticly keeps continuity (as well as a hard-on). Using video montage, blurring, slowing & combinations of these tricks to simulate the feelings of sex, this film keeps you engaged in the action (she said as her panties grew damp just recalling the scenes for this review).

Urban Friction - Gracie's Favorite Coupling

Along with the use of plot, anticipation, and the ability to craft a film, the other reasons this film works are:

Real bodies ~ attractive & hot, but definitely not the Barbie & Ken performers that plague many adult films. Expect to see tats & piercings.

Great music. It fits the mood, fits the setting & characters, and it's not cheesy porn music!

Urban Friction - A Modern Romance is one erotic film that you'll want to own & watch again & again ~ alone, or with your partner.

It was sweet agony to get to the end of the DVD so that I could review it ~ and not screw the hell out of CR/LF. I had to be content to use my fingers & slide my legs in that way... (Immediately afterwards, you know I fucked him but good!)

For this reason, Urban Friction, earns the distinction of Gracie's Pick in porn. (That's a first kids!)

I was so impressed with Urban Friction, that I had to talk to the makers of such a film ~ who takes so much pride in getting folks off?! So read the exclusive interview with Marianna Beck of Libido Films!

Now, I am off to watch other Libido Films!

Review by Gracie.


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Discuss This (2 Comments)

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