Sex Enhancing Products: Bull Shit or Holy Shit?

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The Sex Kittens try creams, ointments, lotions & balms all designed to increase arousal, keep dicks erect and produce world class orgasms.

In the essence of time, yours & ours, we've limited this piece to the following:

* Topical products (those you apply to your skin, not any that one ingests).

* Products that claim to increase arousal, increase sexual performance, &/or increase the intensity or number of orgasms. This does not include you lubes, warming massage oils, or flavored oral products that are just to make it more fun to go down on a partner.

* Each product was tried by at least 2 reviewers, to ensure some sort of consistency.

Also, this article only reflects our thoughts on products that work Really work. Not the ones that you have to apply & then lay there & have conversations that go like this:

"Do you feel anything?"
"Umm, maybe... kind of a, tingle... maybe? ...You?"
"Uh, not sure... If I think about it, I guess I might feel a little something..."

We don't think that qualifies for your time, our time, let alone anyone's money.

To recap: this is a list of sex enhancer products that one applies topically, makes big promises, was tried by several reviewers, and works. As you suspect, it's a short list of assorted goos.

Rocket Balm Booster: A balm for men that claims to extend sexual pleasure.

Gracie: Already reviewed by Kat & her hubby, I had to include my experiences with this product, because it was so vastly different than hers. It worked, but it was so strong! I applied it to CR/LF's cock, then because it's a balm, I wiped some of the excess off on my own clit. I still had to briskly rub a towel on my hands to remove the remaining residue ~ and I wasn't going to suck it off my fingers because one lick on his dick and I was not enamoured: pure menthol, no sweet like with Double Mint Gum (ugh).

OK, so by this time, we are both feeling it. It's tingly, fine, and we move along to our lovemaking. And then, suddenly, instead of being distracted by the 'I wonder if it's working' I am distracted by the feeling of this balm. I mean it's one step shy of actual pain I guess, but it's definitely more uncomfortable burning than it is fun & happy. It becomes so bad, I have to push past it & try to focus on having good sex ~ I have too fucking concentrate on my orgasm for god's sake! I honestly can't tell you the last time I ever had that problem.

Instead of basking in the afterglow, our Pillowtalk was focused on the huge ick-factor of this balm. CR/LF had similar problems with the sensations becoming too strong, and he even suggested washing off with warm water ~ but I shuddered at the thought of opening my pores with warm water & letting my skin absorb more of it. Balms are so oily & resistant to water removal anyway so we settled for rubbing ourselves the wrong way with clean dry towels.

In fairness, it isn't made for a woman's clit, but then, with sex, and all the rubbin' I imagine it would get there anyway... And remember, it did bother Kat's mouth too.

Bottom Line: Apparently the Rocket Balm is a tricky propostion, as it can be too strong for some folks ~ and apparently, women are a large part of those folks. I believe claims of 'extending sexual pleasure' could be met by making him a bit distracted, and therefore it may take longer for him to reach orgasm.

Flower Balm Booster: A balm, this by it's nature is greasier than a lotion, but that means it will last longer. This product has a mandarin mint aroma, and is created for women, or to be more exact the 'sensitive needs of women.' It claims to provide quicker, stronger, and longer orgasms via it's increased blood flow (tingling or even a numbing-type feeling).

GaŽlle: This product was fun and pleasurable. It wasnít greasy or messy, which was great. We took turns applying it onto our most sensitive parts and waited as the tingling began. The best I can liken it too is rubbing BenGay on your bits and pieces, only not as powerful and far more fun. Tastes great, too.

Merideth: I can't quite describe the flavor, neither could my husband, but I'd say it was slightly minty but in a soft way. It has a stronger scent than flavor. Neither are unpleasant. I have to say, it does tingle! In fact, my husband now uses it to wake me in the morning (when I am least likely to want to have sex), and it gets me awake & ready for sex! I know it's not just his stroking me, because that's usually not enough incentive in the a.m. - ask him, he'll tell you that! lol

The only really negative thing is that it's a balm. I don't like the greasy aftermath of balms. And hubby dislikes the feel of a balm in his mouth. So it does limit oral play for us at times.

Bottom Line: A gentle approach with enough power to motivate women, make them become more interested or aroused.

Wayne's Whoopie Cream: We saved the largest claims for last. This product promised the world: increased libido, enhanced 'world class' orgasm (including multiple orgasms for woman) and firmer erections for men. That's an awful lot of pressure for a .5 ounce bottle of lotion. And it's not cheap.

Gracie: I placed some on CR/LF's dick. He returned the favor on my clit. And we didn't have to wait long, and we both felt it. He didn't feel much, but I, oh I was in heaven. It was a tingle, an awareness, and it made my pussy hungry...

Things progressed, and soon I had him plunging in & out of me. I always orgasm with him, and he's an expert at giving me multiples, or as he prefers to think of it, as one long orgasm which peaks, valleys, peaks again etc for an hour or so. My point is, I cannot say that this made me more orgasmic, but I sure as hell enjoyed it!

So, in the interest of being a fair reviewer to you, dear readers, I felt I needed to try it again, and again, to find out if it did affect my orgasm. (That's my excuse, & I'm sticking with it!)

So we've tried this many times ~ and it's always been great. Not only does it heighten my senses, make me want sex, but I do think, on a bad or long day, when I may feel the desire to pass on sex, a little dab (or the suggestion thereof) makes me change my mind! And we learned another thing or two...

The first few times CR/LF claimed that he didn't feel much when it was applied, nor different during sex. However, we have noticed that he is more likely to cum faster ~ so while he isn't aware of sensations, consciously, at some level they must be there... it must be doing something... And before you think cuming faster is a bad thing, he does rebound quicker ~ which is excellent because one dab of this stuff, and I am feeling it for hours & hours ~ so I am more than ready to go again too!

The packaging claims 30 applications per bottle, which seemed insane, but further use (pleasureable use, I must add), proves it to be accurate.

Merideth: I adore it! It's even better than the Flower balm because it's a bit stronger for me - it lasts longer and brings me to orgasm more quickly. Luckily for me, I'm a woman, so if I come quickly, I can come again & again, no problems.

We've experimented with the cream in several ways too.

Per the instructions, I have also washed my clit with a warm washcloth, and then applied the cream. As it stated, the feelings are more intense! As such, I use this technique prior to any solo play - I can come so quickly & erase my tensions before the kids come home from school lol

We've also incorporated this into our light BDSM play: Hubby handcuffs me, strokes a bit on my clit, and then stops touching me or even leaves me for a few minutes -- being restrained and having my clit in such delight almost makes me have a fit! He has confided in me that a few times when he's left the room, he's tried the cream on himself, and he does think it increases his desire. It may not be the cream though, as once he returns & unties me, I attack him & we both cum pretty quickly!

I also like it for practical reasons. I prefer the texture of lotions to balms & it's easier to clean up. With the Whoopie Cream I feel like I am cleaner afterward. It doesn't leave any marks in my panties, on my toys etc. And while it has a light cherry scent when you open the bottle & put some on, it really leaves no scent to me after a few minutes. (Oh how I worry when I masturbate before meeting the kids - and other parents :eek: - after school!) And hubby & both agree, there are no problems with oral play with this product.

Bottom Line: This product also appears to be a case of saving the best for last ~ as it seemed to excite our reviewers the most! Hands down (there) it's a winner.


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