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Weimar Berlin: Where Pre-Nazi sexuality was outrageous, and fuck machines ruled. A review of erotic entertainment that educates. Ah, if only all history was taught like this!

Weimar Love

Between the two World Wars, in Weimar Berlin, there existed a voluptuous world of sexuality.

Weimar Berlin Expert Professor Mel Gordon, author of Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin, joins Dr. Susan Block at The Speakeasy, her cable show, to educate us all about the fantastic world that existed so many decades ago.

Dr Suzy Block's Weimar Love DVD
Watch a Clip!

We hear about the sex, the sex tourism, the well-organized prostitution, we see the art, and even hear music from the period. The city was a tourist destination, with all the trappings of an adult theme park. In order to compete with Paris and other cities, Weimar made the whole joint one big Red Light district. There were specific streets for specific appetites. Even the working girls were organized: a street for pregnant prostitutes, a section for outdoor blowjobs performed by women called 'grasshoppers.' Flapper culture blossoms into Girl culture: lesbianism, female domination, art paying great reverence to the female form. And we learn that we are not so very different from the folks of Weimar Berlin.

We learn of Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, "the Einstein of sex", who founded the Institute for Sexual Science in 1919 ~ a year which marks the beginning of the sexual festivities in the Weimar Republic. In 1933 the institute is destroyed by German Nazis, marking the end of Weimar Berlin's sex fest. It is images of the institute's library being burned that we all have seen in documentaries of book burnings by Nazis. Remember, there are lessons to be learned in history...

But with Dr Suzy, this isn't going to be a dull presentation of history. And in fact, the professor himself has brought along visuals & props to make the learning more interesting...

One such prop is Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld's Female Masturbation Machine ~ aka a Fucking Machine. If you thought fucking machines were something new, watch this clip & think again! While it's not a machine from the period (all of those were destroyed by the Nazis), this is built to the original specs. It works on pulleys & levers, and runs on human power via a peddle to control speed. It's adjustable for height & angle of penetration ~ which seems to be a good thing, because as you'll see, many of Dr Block's guests, and Dr Suzy herself all try the machine. (Of course, there's a cleaning & a fresh condom per each use.)

The guests, porn stars Teri Weigel, Monique DeMoan, & Mika Tan each try out the machine. Teri enjoys her ride so much, her hot hubby, Murril Maglio, has to get into the action ~ she sucks him as she peddles the machine into her hot slit, and then he plunges himself into her, bringing her to another orgasm. All of this is shown in close-ups as well, so the most eager viewer is happy.

There are special appearances by Lasse Braun, Axel Braun, Hamilton Steele & a few others. Some partake of the professor's other props: the aphrodisiacs. Others content themselves with whipping the bare cheeks of the women on the female masturbation machine. Some join in sex play with Monique & Mika ~ two girls clearly part of today's girl movement, with large perky nipples, and even bigger appetites for pleasure.

We are not just listening to some lecture on Weimar Berlin, we are watching a reenactment of sorts ~ Weimar comes alive and we feel such a part of it, we may cum too.

1920's Weimar Berlin's Sex Tourism

Near the end, Dr Suzy & guests have a great, if brief, discussion about the myth that periods of excess are always followed by fascism. They remind us all to be vigilant in our current lives, so that we do not lose our rights ourselves. At the very end, Dr Block does a great job of pointing out parallels between the rise of the Nazi party and recent events in the USA. Controversial? You bet. But then Dr. Block, leader of the Speakeasy, party hostess & educator, isn't one to shy away from making her points.

With all the erotic talk, and all the exposed juicy bits, we learn. Both our intellects & our bits are aroused. It's for this reason that Dr Susan Block's shows are a great way to get a partner who resists 'porn' into watching other erotic films. It's a talk show ~ like no other ~ but you can lure your resistant mate over to view some fascinating educational information. And once they see the fun, they'll likely lose their inhibitions during that viewing (get horny), and perhaps you can try other films later on as well. And the DVDs are even better, because you control when you can sit down & watch them together.

Weimar Love: Hot Sex in Pre-Nazi Berlin, it's as entertaining as it is educational. Watch it for the history (and if you are like me, you'll want to research more about this time & place ~ it can easily become an obsession!), and keep watching the DVD for the hot stuff!

Review by Gracie.


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