Women & Pornography

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That's women AND pornography, not 'in' pornography ~ though you'll likely hear about that too!

How do women feel about pornography? Is hardcore gross? Do women prefer to read rather than view? Do we need more romance? Do we feel debased by & used in porn?

Are women really so different when it comes to adult materials?

Not only do we sex kittens have something to say, but we've talked with adult webmasters, porn producers, and our friends to bring you their thoughts.

There may not be any easy answers, but I think it's safe to say that women are a bit more varied & vocal regarding porn. And if the answers don't surprise you, the reasoning may!

Women & Pornography is a complicated subject. It makes for one of our largest issues yet. But we also have new blood, fresh meat here at Sex-Kitten.net. There are two new columnists starting this issue: Betti Mustang and CJ. Please give them a warm welcome!

A few quick housekeeping things...

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With much affection,


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