Dirty Limerick Contest Winners

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Because we are such attention whores, we asked for you to send in your dirty limericks about Sex-Kitten.net, or the columnists here.

Congradulations to Tony, the puzzler, who wins a bottle of Doc Johnson's scented massage oil for his winning entry in our dirty limerick contest.

We enjoyed his ode ~ and the length of it! Three stanzas, now that's some staying power, Tony!

Here's his winning entry:

Here is a limerick written
By a reader who finds himself smitten
By Angela's prose
And the passion she shows
In the things that she writes for sex-kitten.

In person, her talk must be racy.
Her underwear, no doubt, is lacy.
But sexier still
Are the words from her quill,
Which she publishes now, thanks to Gracie.

Some people like leather, I've heard.
By some, domination's preferred.
But for me, more exciting
Is Angela's writing:
The brain tease, the mind fuck, the word!

There were two other entries that also impressed us:

This entry by sporosorium ran a close second in the voting (a mere 2 vote difference!)

A cyber pussy so many adore
Created a site with class galore
By enlisting the greatest minds of Eros
She challenged these sensual heroes
with inkfilled sabers to extoll
and with cerebral words cajole
A readership of sextelligentsia

And this limerick by RMH had ardent supporters!

There once was the EclecticPearl.....
whose ways made his mind just swirl....

She'd whisper such smut,
t'would twitch mind and butt....

soon making his toes slowly curl!!!

Thank you for all the entries!

With much affection,


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