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Not too long ago, I went out with an ex-boyfriend & his current woman.

So here I am, out with the ex and his new love. Not to bore you with history, I will just say it was a very fun four hours, sitting in a bar, chatting.

Now I can't say this was or wasn't alcohol induced, as by the end of the evening, his new woman, who he has been living with for over 6 months, was drunk. Not fall-down-on-your-face drunk, but help-me-get-my-coat-on-because-I-can't-catch-it drunk. So maybe the following happened because of her drinking, maybe not...

But it sure was interesting.

Now Cally, aka the drunk girl, and I have only met one other time. It seemed to many of us at the gathering then, that she despised me. Fair enough. I mean I was a large part of his life for a long time, and we still hang out from time to time.

But, as I said, this evening was fun. It sure didn't seem that she hated me. In fact, we even discussed that while it may have looked that way the first time we met, it was more the circumstance than 'me.'

OK, so now you got enough of the set up, on to the weird part.

After 3 hours or so of talking about jobs, family, relationships between men & women (theory you understand, not emotionally charged 'dangerous topics'), and of course, the obligatory fun at the ex's expense, Cally hits me with:

"You look like a (gestures an hourglsss figure), but you are really a man."

As I looked at her, sort of a half laugh of air came out (pretty close to a gasp). Then I looked back & forth between him & her, trying to get some help here... None came.

Then I laughed out loud & said I wasn't sure if I should be insulted or flattered by that.

She repeated herself. (Perhaps drunk, she is a repeater, or maybe she thought restating & re-gesturing would clarify things for me.) He shrugged. (Honestly, what could he do?)

I guess, her take on me is that I am really too 'ballsy' to be a girl. (I prefer the think of myself as having big ovaries, but tomatoe, tomato.)

Well, like I said, I can't be certain this wasn't just alcohol. Yet, part of me wonders if she was really as comfortable with me as she seemed... Or maybe she is just plain right, and despite my natural curves, I am really a gay man.

Not that I am verklempt, but feel free to discuss amongst yourselves...


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Discuss This (15 Comments)

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