A Look at the Girlie Girl Newsletter and the Woman Behind It

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The Girlie Girl Newsletter is a weekly emailed newsletter, full of all things girlie, such as fashion, music, events, nightlife, and entertainment news. It also brings you practical information such as apartment listings, job leads, casting calls, mini-reviews on service providers as well as political news, pettition announcements and other activist information. But with over 13,000 subscribers, you know there has to be something more to Girlie Girl...

Chloe Jo of Girlie Girl The largest part of the 'something more' is the creator of the list, Chloe Jo Berman.

Chloe's lived Uptown in the most dazzling apartments, and downtown in the grimiest Lower East Side tenements of New York City. She's a PR princess slash event planner slash bleeding heart political activist for the animals slash Indie record label creative director. She's thrown parties in NY's hottest rooms since she was 15, rocked out as a musician, and been on the cover of magazines proclaimed an "IT" girl. She also did a brief stint as a reality TV show star, but she pretends that didn't happen. She is supremely confident, knows how to meet anyone she wants, and will give you sex advice even if you don't ask for it. As bad as her tattoos may suggest she is, she's a former Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva girl who will tell you exactly where to get the best deal on a Chanel bag and who gives the best facial.

In short, think of her as your been there, done that big sister.

Chloe is a charming, opinionated woman, and as such, I had to sit down and talk with her.

Why did you start the Girlie Girl Newsletter ~ what's the story behind it?

Originally Girlie Girl was started to promote my fashion events. I buy out large distributors, boutiques, and stores at the end of each season and resell to the public at up to 90% off retail. I often do freelance events for other designers - pr, launch parties, etc. I then segued into producing LGBT events (mostly femmestravaganza's) and started up my LGBT list.

What are the goals of Girlie Girl?

At this stage, I'm just growing the list as massively as I can not only from a business aspect (to promote cool women-owned businesses) - but to help promote the causes that are important to me (marriage equality, animal rescue, vegetarianism, etc).

Chloe Jo of Girlie Girl Newsletter Is there a website?

Yep - www.chloejo.com.

Are there any official events or group deals?

Many offers and events on the newsletter are offered exclusively to Girlie Girl Subscribers, yes. There are definite bonuses to being a part of the group.

Is there a fee for being in the newsletters, or is this a 'you find it cool, it gets in' sort of a thing?

If its cool and I think my crowd will dig on it, I will do an editorial listing. But many of the listings are pay per play - only if I approve of them. More on that here.

It seems to me, even though I am on the general list, so much of the focus is on local events, such as in NY etc, is that by design, or is it just that because those cities have the most events? Do you have plans to do more cities?

I list events in all cities, but our NYC list is the largest and it's where I live, so I tend to focus on it the most. I did focus on Atlanta where I have a sizeable list for a time, but I was living there so it was easier. I still have a business partner in Atlanta - Jen Ripley of www.luxeatlanta.com, so I do plan on hosting more events there. Los Angeles and San Francisco are lists that are massively growing as well. I plan on branching out to those cities in a number of ways soon!

Are there things you will not cover? Such as specific topics, or categories?

There is nothing I won't cover if it's of interest to me, and/ or I think it will be of interest to my demographic... no matter how controversial. I recently wrote up a plastic surgeon who offered my girls super discounts on botox. I personally have no interest in botox or surgery, but a big chunk of my friends do, so who am I to judge what makes them feel better? Why is that any worse than people who smoke, dye their hair, or eat meat? Everything is relative. I never shy away from political content. I'm openly liberal, into animal rescue, almost-completely vegan (working on dumping the fish eating), and bi-queer, so I like to support causes near and dear to my heart.

Chloe Jo at MySpace Many call you a "PR guru". Is this how you see yourself and define your work? In other words, is this your career, how you make a living?

I'm a shmoozer. I love telling people about anything fabulous I believe in. Anything that turns me on I want to let all my girls in on. I'm a girl's girl -- I don't hold in my little finds, I let them out. I do tons of freelance PR, but my main focus is working for the brilliant Rachael Sage at MPess Records focusing on film and tv placement for her new record "The Blistering Sun."

Who do you consider to be heros or role models or those that inspire you?

Joan Nestle is a goddess. She's pure light and vision. Oprah is a visionary. Jim Carroll makes me wrinkle on the insides. My bosslady Rachael Sage is a business goddess. She is a pure example of someone who is so politically right on - but also has drive for success. She stays so true to her art while always looking towards a growing business model. She's just amazing.

I rather think Chloe is just amazing, and I encourage all of you to sign up for her newsletter. To do so, just send an email to chloe@chloejo.com with "LGBT National" in the subject line of your email. Or, if you prefer events in your city only, use "Sample Sales" (and the city of your choice, NYC, LA, or Atlanta) as your email subject line.

This is not the last you'll hear from Chloe, as she has too much to say for just one interview, so stay tuned!



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