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Some may walk away talking about the ice dildos, but I prefer to recall the packing peanuts.

Home Party Fantasies, Adult Film for Women Written, directed, and produced by Jacklyn Lick (who also plays a role in the film), this flick is based on the fantasies of women.

Combining the best elements of erotica and hardcore porn, Home Party Fantasies sets up a realistic premise, then gets out of the way, and lets the performers play.

The plot consists of Dee inviting her friends over for one of those adult toy parties. The professional party hostess lady, played by Jacklyn Lick, decides to have the group play one of those party 'getting to know you games' ~ only this isn't some dull Tupperware party and a better game is obviously needed. So, she has each woman in turn share her wildest fantasy with the group.

Jacklyn Lick in House Party Fantasies ~ Click to Watch a Clip! An effective leader, the hostess begins with her own fantasy, and as she narrates, you get to see Jacklyn oiled and massaged by two hunks.

It's everywoman's indulgent fantasy, wherein two males service her ~ and they must start with a complete body massage. Watching this, I don't know if I should be turned-on, or jealous of all the attention... I'll go with the arousal *wink*

After a hot beginning like this, each of the girls takes a turn sharing her fantasies, including the shy Dee, who is hosting this party at her house. Dee's fantasy is to have a threesome with another woman ~ but she doesn't want to fully admit to the fantasy. Like any good girl, Dee wants this set-up to be arranged...

House Party Fantasies Threesome ~ Click to Watch a Clip! The fantasy begins with Dee being tied up in her fabulous boudoir, with her husband worshiping her (as he should), then slyly, he brings in another beautiful woman. What's great about the sex scene is that her husband is there, touching, coaxing, but he isn't in the middle of it all. He's more like a supportive voyeur than a real player, which leaves the woman to experience and enjoy eachother. (Don't we wish all men would give us gifts we'd like and let us enjoy them rather than take them for themselves.)

One of the fantasies in this film includes a dildo made of ice, great as it is, however, due to time, I'm going to go now to my favorite bit.

My favorite fantasy is that of Violet Blue's character. This chick has ovaries. Here she is, invited to gal-pal Dee's home, and she has the guts to divulge her fantasy is to have sex with Dee's husband!

Not only that, but she and Dee's hubby are co-workers, so the fantasy takes place in the warehouse ~ and don't you just know it, they fuck in the packing peanuts!

Violet Blue in House Party Fantasies DVD ~ Click to Watch a Clip! Normally, this setup would make me laugh til I cried. If you told me this was a porno scene, I'd flip! But let me tell you, it's one of the hottest porn scenes around.

This is because as Violet narrates her fantasy, it's damn near impossible not to get all squirmy in your seat, reach for the vibe, or grab your viewing partner. With lines like "I want him to look into my eyes and know that I am all his, for just this moment" combined with hardcore screwing, you get the best of it all.

(I've paraphrased the lines, but I'm getting all hot just thinking about it, so sue me.)

What you effectively have here is an anthology of erotic fantasies, strung together with the party premise, and acted out by some of the best young film stars and studs around. The scenes are lush and glamorous, as befitting women's erotica, and the fantasy action is made even hotter with the erotic narration providing context and emotion during the explicit sex.

House Party Fantasies is an excellent recommendation for women and couples viewing.

Home Party Fantasies ~ Dee's House stars: Tommy Gunn (AVN Best New Male Performer 2005), Lee Stone, Kristian, Danute, Xavier, Jacklyn Lick, Joelean, Ashley Renee, Dee, Violet Blue.

Runtime: 90 minutes
All images Good Girls Productions

Review by Gracie


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Discuss This (4 Comments)

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