Trial Run

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You know I love Libido films. These films have actors which look and act like real people instead of canned porn robots. I don't just mean healthy body curves, body piercings and tattoos; I mean the sex has more chemistry, the pacing and positions are more realistic, and the women have real orgasms. Not to mention that the story lines are not moronic.

Perhaps this is why Marianna Beck of Libido Films asked me to preview the movie pre-release to get some verbage for the DVD packaging. Maybe she asked because I am cool. Whatever the reason, I got my hands on the film before it's release, and this is what I saw...

Trial Run: Adventures in Romance In Trial Run, poor Leah, lonely and horny, arrives home to find her roomate happily screwing on the couch. Instead of just whining about how she's not getting any, Leah reluctantly returns to the Internet in search of Mr. Right. Well, OK, she masturbates first. Isn't that what you're supposed to do at a time like this?

Anyway, Leah decides to give the Internet another try. This time, she's very skeptical ~ and as the film shows you, she has reason to be. You know about those Internet dating sites, with their posers, players and psychotics, well, Trial Run shows you a taste of what's waiting out there for you... err, Leah. And you know it isn't pretty. But it is funny!

Watch a Clip from Trial Run, and See Why Leah is Laughing

Surprisingly, Leah finds a good prospect. But she's still wary that he is who he says he is, and not yet another disappointment. Uncertain what to do, Leah does what we'd all do: she asks her girlfriend for help.

In this case her best pal and most trusted confidant is a Domme, played charmingly by Mistress Eve Minax. In the film, our real introduction to this character is one of the best scenes in the film.

Wearing her corset and tutu, with a tiara in her red hair and black patent leather stilettos on her feet, she works over her male sub: a man in frilly panties and get this ~ clown makeup. Hence her calling him Clownie.

She makes him suck her strap-on, she fists him, but the killer bit is when he is allowed to go down on her and she says "That's it! Get your white makeup all over my thighs!" Then she masturbates with her Hitachi Magic Wand, commanding Clownie to perform stunts. When he is allowed to come, he deposits his load on her shoes so he can lick it off. Most of this occurs while Mistress is on the phone with Leah!

Watch a Clip of Mistress and Clownie

If this weren't enough, the whole thing is set to clown music, assuring even the most vapid viewer that yes, my dear, you're supposed to be giggling. Like a good lover, Trial Run has you laughing your pants off before it tries to get into them.

So Mistress Eve is who Leah's entrusted to help her qualify Mr. Right from Mr. Wrong. An incredibly good choice, as it goes...

Mistress Eve offers to step in and screen Leah's potential lover. Leah arranges for him to come meet her friend, and as you can imagine, he isn't sure what is going on. He ponders if he should masturbate, or save the goods for this meeting. He decides that this 'come meet my friend' is a silly game Leah's playing, and he'd better save his own goods for the game too. Once he arrives at Mistress Eve's, flowers in hand, he sees it is not Leah. ...Or has Leah been using someone else's photo? ...Is this or is this not, Leah?

If that weren't confusing enough, the poor lad has to face a stern Mistress, who orders him to strip nude so she can inspect him. What ensues is one of the sexiest blindfolded powerplay scenes I've ever seen.

Photo from Trial Run, by Libido Films

(Perhaps we should all do this for our friends!)

Eventually, Leah determines that this guy's worth a shot, and they make a real date. However even this date isn't quite what Mr. Might-Be-Right thinks, for again Leah has cooked up a surprise. I hate to be a spoiler, but I will tell you Leah's romantic dessert recipe has rose petals, cookies, gumdrops, and a vibrator as ingredients. (If you want to watch, click here!)

Overall, I'd call this a contemporary erotic fairy tale. The story is rather simple but the experimental twists and adventurous turns keep this film from being more than just another boring 'too-sweet' romance. As amusing and arousing as any great date, Trial Run is an excellent way to spend the evening.

Sexy and funny, amusing and arousing, Libido once again makes erotic film worth watching and adult characters worth remembering. Like Leah's dessert recipe, Trial Run is most satisfying.

Review by Gracie.

Trial Run stars Natalia, Adrian Sullivan, Mistress Eve, Minax, Dante, Samantha, Darkluv, Dylan and Tony Erik, and was written, produced and directed by Marianna Beck and Jack Hafferkamp.


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