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Obviously, erotica is easy to use: Read, Get Aroused, Get Off. But erotica is more than just a solo activity wherein a lone reader devours the stories until she desires to delve into her moist bits to drive herself to delightful orgasm; erotica may be shared.

While it's quite fun to bed yourself, erotic stories can be used to bed others and bring a limp sexual relationship back to raging hard-on status. Here are a few ideas to get your own creative (and other) juices flowing...

The Romantic: Reading erotica together increases intimacy and affection along with arousal. Snuggling side by side on the sofa or curled up cuddly together in bed, both of you can read from the same book. As you read silently, let your fingertips express your interior dialog... As your arousal increases, communicate it with a gentle caress. When some passage takes your breath away, whisper those sweet somethings into your partner's ear. As your passion mounts, stroke your partner and prepare to mount... Allow your fingertips to do more than turn the pages, and you may not finish the story but rather create your own alternate ending!

The Best Laid Plans: Instead of focusing your special time together on dinner and a movie, make storytime your evening's entertainment. Select a story that you think would most arouse your partner and read it out loud to her. Reading erotica out loud to a woman has an incredible effect on her libido. Women love words. We love to hear our partner's voice. And when our partner reads us dirty stories, it's as if he wrote the stories just for us or we are hearing his inner most fantasies (both of which are big 'chick things'). We literally become eager beavers of anticipation. Men, you know she's always after you to talk to her, so give her what she wants. Tit-Elation stories have all the turn-ons, romance, compliments, and come-ons she wants to hear. All the words are written for you, all you have to do is read them! (As you read, listen to the sounds of her breathing... Mmmm hmm, you're getting some tonight!)

The Shy Fantasy Admission: Instead of saying "Do it this way", you can invite your lover to read a story which illustrates one of your favorite sex fantasies. By saying "Hun, this story made me soooooo hot!" or "We've got to try this sometime!" you need appear neither critical nor crazy. Because erotica involves the reader's imagination, it is often better received than films which may have actors or images which will distract or even detract from the fantasy you want them to understand. Once your partner reads the story, you can impress upon them the specific parts that really make you hot. Even if your lover isn't ready to try it right now, the images from that story will be in your head, making even simple missionary sex in the dark seem much more exciting!

The Tease: Often viewed as only suitable for long-distance lovers and relationships between traveling partners, there are other situations in which it's fun to tease and torment your lover by reading erotica over the phone. Call him on his cell at lunch time and read a few paragraphs, leave her an erotic story excerpt on her voice mail, or simply leave a message with an erotic story title ~ and be sure to end the call with the promise to deliver the rest later. (Then see how quickly your partner returns your call!)

Erotica the Power Play Way: There are many deliciously decadent ways to extort erotica for all it's worth in power games. These are but a few...

* Master Says
Read to your partner and see how long she can go without touching herself ~ in any way. She is not allowed to rub her legs together, tweak her own nipples, or even use her own mouth (lick lips, bite lower lip etc) without your permission. In order to do so, she must ask "Master, may I?" and you can decide if and when she may have the release she seeks.

* I've Been A Bad Boy, Mother Goose
I enjoy dressing as a stern nanny or Dominatrix for my part, and have him undress for his role as the naughty boy. Then I tell him the rules: "You will listen to the story, and you will not touch yourself. Not one little bit, or you will get a spanking. If you understand, say 'Yes, Mistress'." Once he agrees, I begin to read. Obviously, you will have to follow through each and every time he does touch himself and if he's the sort who adores erotic spankings he is going to try to wanker-off at every word, so you may need to provide additional rules or consequences. Perhaps you'll need to up the ante to nipple twists? Maybe you'll need to tell the bad boy that storytime will end with his going to bed alone if he continues to interrupt... Or maybe he'll need to drop and give you 20 ~ pussy licks, that is! Be flexible in his likes and in his ability to last, and you and your naughty boy will make Mother Goose as much a part of your regular bedtime activities as brushing your teeth.

* Enchanted Erotic Recipe
Leave the book on your partner's pillow with the selected story clearly marked. On top of the book place your handwritten note with instructions: "Read this story, and be prepared for tonight..." If the story is one that you'd like to act out and it requires props of some sort (special outfits, toys, food items, etc), clearly state in your note that she is required to provide such ingredients. Women love, Love, LOVE anticipation. Making her wait for hours (or days if you tell her on Wednesday to prepare for Saturday!) will put her under an enchanted erotic spell.

I could go on and on with additional variations of power play games using erotica, but now it's really your turn to think of a few.

Shared erotica really is endless in its excitement, infinite in its inspiration, and inexhaustible in its arousal. (It's a good thing the 'Best Of' Tit-Elation books come in a hardcover ~ like Viagra, they provide longer and stronger bedside performance!)

Now go make a wet spot on the bed.

With much affection,

Have Your Own Ideas? Send in your own tips for sharing erotica to and you could win!

The Grand Prize winner will receive a print copy of a 'Best Of' Tit-Elation anthology, and a runner up will win a 3 Day Pass to

The Rules are Simple: Email your tip based on personal experience ~ no fictional or erotic stories themelves, but real ways to use erotica. Gracie will pick the winners based on originality ~ and how hot they make her *wink* We reserve the right to publish the ideas, so please include the name you'd like to be credited as. Emails must arrive by October 1, 2006. And please put 'Erotica Tip Contest' in the subject line!


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