Body Parts, The Series

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I bring you ‘Body parts, The Series’ as I have both experience with them, and my usual opinionated thoughts on these things.

For instance, I have come to find that sex (or at lest the attraction) boils down to a limited number of ‘choice parts’ ~ even though the acts themselves, the fantasies & role play, and general brain or soul functions are virtually infinite.

If you ask a man or woman, what physical attribute you enjoy or seek in a sex partner, you tend to get a few simple categories. For men, it comes down to tits, legs, ass.

Guys who say eyes are not telling the truth ~ yes, they may like them, but you aren’t thinking ‘fuckable’ because of them from across a room. Eyes fall into the ‘soul’ or ‘brain’ stuff, which is not ‘the meat parts’ I am covering here. Oh, and those that say ‘pussy’ are liars as well. You can’t spot it from across the room ~ and if you do, it is so rare, of course you fall for it!

So we have the top three categories of tits, ass, & legs.

You can make some pretty good guesses as to what a man is really like by finding out his ‘thing.’ (These may be true for women as well, but I have much less experience for that.)

Based on my experience, a man declaring himself as a ‘tit man’ is my personal favorite. Not just because I have big ones either. Tit men are playful, sexual &sensual. They have great senses of humor. They can feast their eyes a lot, so they seem to be always looking, which to me indicates an active interest in sex. They like to be teased, seduced and played with themselves. Men who adore the chest, rack, whatever, vary as well ~ they may be a specialist in say a certain size, or a generalist who’ll take them all. But whatever their final desire, they appreciate them in their entirety ~ from nipples & areolas, to bounce & jiggle. They are often highly suggestible, eager to please, and consider foreplay as delicious as the ‘final act.’ Plus, you can tease this guy, leave him wanting more, and he is almost as happy as having screwed you.

An ass man is much more ‘graphic’ or ‘nasty.’ Don’t get me wrong, it can be wonderful! However, they want to pound, slap, and grind on it (not necessarily the anus, but any hole). They are intense fellows, with a drive & purpose that can intimidate the beginner. They can often be more interested in themselves as they can’t control their needs as well as the other types. You can turn this to your advantage of course. You can drive him crazy easily, and if you require a little more foreplay or tease yourself, they make wonderful toys when bound or restrained. ~ and once you release them, you will get the pounding you deserve! However, as they have impulsivity issues, they are a little slower to train, and more likely to resist being bound... But if you promise them it is only temporary, and show them no skin until you begin, well, hold on there missy, your bronko ride will be amazing!

Leg men seem much more critical about perfection, have higher standards, and as such, are quite choosey in general. This means that can come across as quite stuck on themselves ~ if you are not paying attention to the clues... Leg man often fancy themselves as ‘gentlemen’ with spectacular taste. Translation: they have codes of conduct. This is not to say they aren’t as ‘dirty’ as the next ‘male pig’ ~ they are lusty. But they have a more complicated set of rules to their sexuality. As a ‘gentleman,’ the pretty legged gal is a ‘lady.’ Ultra feminine, and he leads. He is not a control freak in the dangerous sense (any man or woman can be regardless of ‘type’), nor does this mean he is a Dom (again, any ‘type’ can have any other aspects), but he does have some issues of ‘public display’ and what is feminine. Unlike the men listed before them who would boast or secretly thrill at ‘having a girl from a club,’ if the leg man fell for a pair of legs at strip club, he would be most likely to be wishing for the dear lady to quit. These guys are throwbacks to days of honor. As you probably surmised, Gracie has had few long interactions or relationships with leg men ~ they are just too much work with all the rules & standards of conduct. But they might be wonderful for you!


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Discuss This (8 Comments)

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