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Most women have wondered about wigs.

Maybe you're fighting cancer & facing chemo, maybe you've been in a life long war with your hair, maybe you've been toying with the idea of wearing wigs with your exotic lingerie to spice things up, or maybe Cher just got you thinking... But chances are, you've wondered about wigs.

Rochelle Scott, owner of Godiva's Secret Wig Shop, tells us all about wigs and her special mission.

Rochelle, thank you so much for what you do, and for taking the time to share with us. As I mentioned my dear friend, Kat, is a breast cancer survivor, so I applaud what you are doing & hope that we can help more folks find you.

Thanks for your interest. I really appreciate any PR that sees and understands my mission and commitment.

Godiva's Secret Wig When Kat was facing chemo, one of the things we discussed was hair and how important it is to femininity and self-identity. So let's start with the wig shop -- tell us what it is, when & why it started.

My first business began 10 years ago and is Godiva's Secret Wigs in Woodland Hills, CA. I started the business after either making great money loving what I did or loving what I did, but living tight. Since I was 18 I loved wearing wigs. My hair is thick and curly, near impossible to smooth and so wigs were fun and easy. I've always believed that there are many different women inside me and wigs seem to give each personality in me permission to be someone else. I still wear wigs 2 to 5 days a week and my boyfriend enjoys that playful aspect of me.

At the same time I started the wig business, my mother in law was going through chemotherapy and kept coming home from wig stores in tears; feeling disrespected and embarrassed by her bald head.

I also have over 25 years in retail management, and taught motivation and client service classes for a 30 store chain in California. The day I met "the hair", I went home and wrote a paper titled "why I can do this business" and listed all the reasons why I could succeed. I wrote a check for $3000 (not knowing how I would cover it), then I borrowed from my dad. One week later I was in business, testing the hair at outdoor markets. From there I moved to kiosks in Malls and then my beautiful 1600 square foot store.

This year I was honored to be named "Woman of Distinction 2006" by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal and "Business Success Story 2006" by SCORE.

Congrats! Sounds like you've found a mission that you can live with in more than one way!

Yes, my daughter, niece, sister and 2 great employees agree with my mission and we enjoy everyday together!

Godiva's Secret Wig Many women fear wigs because our memories of wigs are those bad ones we saw on grandma's shelves. What makes these wigs better than just any old wig out there?

We have a very strict criteria for the choices we make of the wigs we carry at Godiva's Secret. Although we work with over 30 vendors, the wigs, clip-in human hair extensions and hair additions must be natural-looking, modern styles in current color blends. We even carry amazing wigs with roots! All of our prices are between $99 to $350 for wigs and we include trimming, alterations and styling in the price.

Along with fantastic hair products, what makes us most unique is our upbeat, positive attitude. We stick with the facts, take our clients by the hand, step by step through the process of choosing wigs and accessories that will compliment their unique lifestyles. And we also educate them to build their confidence in wearing wigs.

Our specialty is working with women undergoing treatment for cancer and other medical conditions. Oncologists now simply hand their patients our business card and say, "Go to Godiva's Secret this week. It will all be okay." Typically newly diagnosed patients are more concerned by the loss of their hair then even their treatment, so we suggest that women come to us ASAP (while they still have their hair and their energy), then when they see how wonderful and easy our wigs are, they can use their energy on more important issues than their hair.

Are your wigs for cancer patients only? Do others wear them for fun?

We work with many women for many different reasons, not just medical. We sell to busy women that want their hair to match their style at work - like realtors. Once women have tried wigs and see just how convenient they are for travel, dressy functions and everyday wear, they are hooked. Most of our clients own from 2 to 20 wigs.

They are also so much fun for play. Be the "other woman", invite your man out and meet him dressed as the other woman - assume the sensual personality. So many women forget to play & wigs are wonderful for a different experience. To me, wigs let me express all the different women that are inside me. We carry wigs for all women and all reasons.

Godiva's Secret Wig For those who choose wigs for fashion reasons, not chemo or other hair loss related issues: Are wigs difficult to wear if you have hair? Does wearing wigs harm your real hair?

I've been lucky to never need wigs for medical reasons, and I easily put my thick, curly hair in wigs by pulling my hair back into a bun at the nape of my neck with a ponytail. For women with long hair, simply make 2 braids with your own hair, then wrap it around your head and bobby pin to attach.

I wear long, short, dark, light wigs and it's so much fun within my romantic relationship and just in my everyday world for travel, dressy functions and even when weather is awful. Remember, Godiva's Secret wigs don't ever frizz or lose their curl, even in the rain or wind; they have what we call "memory curl". This means that you wash it at night, let it hang to dry and in the morning, shake and brush it right back into its original style. EASY!

One of our criteria for selecting the wigs we offer is that the cap of the wig must be light and open, so our scalps can breathe. I suggest removing your wig at the end of the day and not sleeping in it on a regular basis. To keep wigs very secure for women who have hair, we sew in small metal clips that actually clip to your hair. If using the clips everyday for long hours and securing it too tightly, you may experience a little hair loss in the areas of the clips, but there are many other alternatives. We treat each client's needs differently and will make recommendations as needed. So, almost never does a wig hurt your own hair.

What is the number one myth or misconception people have about wigs that you'd like to clear up?

Godiva's Secret Wig The biggest myth is that you can always tell when someone is wearing a wig. NOT! Remember, you can only tell a bad wig or hairpiece, never a good one. Also, that grandma's are the only women wearing wigs. So far from the truth, we sell to actresses, truck drivers, teachers, lawyers, busy mothers - many women with many different lifestyles.

Is your entire inventory shown on your website?

The inventory on our web site is small and quickly dated - since we constantly are looking for the newest wigs, it's best to visit our store or show us a picture of what you'd like. We will be updating the site this year. Our large selection of turbans, hats, spiritual and motivational CD's and books round out our product line in the store.

Women come to us from all over California and clients bring their friends and relatives in during their in-town visits. We ship all over the country and keep every clients' record of purchases, including style and color on our computers so we can easily ship another wig when they desire in the future.

Rochelle of Godiva's Secret What is a Monofilament wig?

A monofilament wig has what seems to be a see thru scalp. "Mono" meaning 1, means hair by hair is attached to the wig, typically at the top of the head. This gives the wig a thinner, flatter look for women who naturally have hair like that. These wigs tend to be more expensive. We will help our clients to determine if a mono wig is necessary for them and we carry fantastic styles as well.

Tell me about your representative plan. Are there really home parties for wigs? (I must admit, I am intrigued personally... I've long wanted wigs for play!)

Picture a Tupperwear party, but hair! It's such a blast! So many women just need a gentle nudge or permission to experience wigs. We have hair parties for a minimum of 10 to 30 women at our store in Woodland Hills. There is no charge and some groups turn it into a birthday party, charity event, or just an excuse for women to get together.

Do representatives need to sell so many wigs or a specific dollar amount to remain an 'active' rep? (So many 'work from home' or party hostess plans start out doing well, but sortta hit you with the minimum order amounts which can actually throw you with a few bad months. I'd like to be clear about this up front if I am going to suggest the opportunity.)

The Godiva's Secret Consultant Program is easy and empowering for any woman to work. There is no monthly quota, but the more wigs ordered the greater the discount for the consultant.

Rochelle in Wig I teach women how to represent themselves, and market to hospitals, oncologists and friends. Wigs are a great way to help and have fun with women and offer a great service to your community. When a woman loses her hair, and finds us and our fantastic wigs, she feels better on the outside which helps her positive mental health. Great karma!

And, of course, the best way to advertise your product is to wear it, and if you're committed to success, you'll remove your wig in public, everywhere. I do, at the bank, 7-11, shopping, chamber of commerce mixers - as soon as someone compliments me on my hair, I remove my wig -- even in public. (They always do!). I am by far, the most memorable person at a business mixer!

And that's just the wig story! Just wait to see what else Rochelle has to say *wink*

Meanwhile, you can visit and contact Rochelle with your questions at godivassecet at

And here's the store information for local folks:

Godiva's Secret Wigs
22700 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

And you can call them at 818 591 0883.



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