Body Parts, The Series, Part III

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So, perhaps you ladies have recognized that all your Mr. Wrongs can at least partially be attributed to problems with types. For example, you keep attracting ass men, yet you'd prefer a breast man. But you do have the sweetest little ass, so what's a girl to do?

Having one particularly fantastic asset does not mean you are forever doomed to that type of man, and never to capture the man of your sexual dreams.

For once, let’s all be grateful that men are easily led creatures.

It doesn’t matter what your usual attraction point is, you can distract them as easily as a crow with a bit of tinfoil: just show them what they want to see.

Here are some of Gracie’s tips for attracting men by body part type:

Ass men: tight fitting jeans are a given. So are cheeky short-shorts. Also, another tactic is to use your waistline to your advantage: a slim waist that then flares into round hips will suit the ass man as well as any tight pair of pants. Even a dress that does not cling to your rounded backside can be a siren call ~ his eyes will do the math as they travel from narrow waist to the gentle, full rounding that follows... These are also the guys that dig ‘whale sightings’ of thongs above your pant waistline. More than a few ass men that Gracie knows actually dig panty lines... Of course, telling him you aren’t wearing any panties can also do the trick. (Actually, that can work with any man, sorry.) Also, min-skirts work for the ass man: he imagines bending you over, and having easy access.

Breast men: These guys are the easiest ~ show some cleavage, wear clingy tops, sheer tops that show hints of your bra, fabrics that show the outline of your nipples. Let your bar strap stick out past the sleeves of your top, if you can stand that feeling ~ he’ll be fantasizing about the color that cups your breasts all night... Become a sweater girl, even in summer. (Textiles they offer now let you wear all the cling of a sweater without the discomfort.) Even an oversized man’s shirt that is left unbuttoned a bit, occasionally offering a tiny display of something, will keep them glued for the next opportunity. A little peek-a-boo is all they need... Remember, size isn’t always the issue, they just like boobies.

Leg men: Now remember, a leg man is complicated, so I wouldn’t suggest a mini-skirt (unless you have a specific leg-man in your sights & you know that’s his deal!). Start wearing skirts & dresses everywhere you go. Vary the length of the hem, but always show either some glimpse of leg covered in nice stockings, or perhaps a long slim skirt that just shows you have legs that run from here to there. You will find this may limit or affect your behaviors in other ways. When you notice that, you’ll find our more about the leg-man-mystique than you might wish to know... But then, some chicks like that old role-play too.

You may find that this means a major over-haul of your current wardrobe, a whole new way of presenting yourself. But then, I would think that’s the entire point of escaping more Mr Wrongs... (Gracie is not responsible for the financial costs of re-doing your entire wardrobe!)

But I do caution against tossing out all your old ‘going fishing classics.’ You never know when you’ll change your mind about what type of man you seek. Or maybe you just want a girls night & you don’t want to meet any ‘potentials,’ you’d rather know the ones you reel in are all the ones you need to toss back.

Gracie like’s to mix it up. If I feel like playing a game or two with a leg man, I’ll wear a lady-like dress one night, then go back to meet him in some ’vulgar display’ of creamy mounds of breasts looming over the edge of my tee-shirt neckline. You know, it’s funny. He may be turned off by such a frank display, but when all the breast men are offering me drinks & tossing offers my way, suddenly the male instinct to lay claim to ‘what is his’ will over-write any of his noble agendas in seeking a ‘lady.’

It’s great for entertainment value. But then, I wasn’t playing for keeps.

So, go forth & claim the type of man you are after. Even if it’s only for that evening’s entertainment value.


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Discuss This (13 Comments)

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