New Year, New You

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It's Not "A New Year, A New Gracie", But It Could Be "A New Year, A New You."

I don't plan on changing me but I would like to change the collective 'you' ~ and that just might mean you, personally.

Let me make you over. No, no ~ Gracie insists.

Yeah, it's taken me a month to write this. But that's because at first I thought I had to pick one topic, one 'thing' to convince you of, one issue to change. But that's thinking small. When facing many different gunman quail cannot hope one hunter shoots the other in the face while they run away to safety. Sex Kittens, their mates, and other related species are being hunted to extinction. It's suicide not to face the facts.

Politics, social norms, laws, and behaviors which seem to be dictated by 'society' as the 'right thing to do' scare the shit out of me. Not even my damn-near-illegal habit of smoking looms as large or threatening on the horizon ~ as imminent of death ~ as the issues of repression and the fool-hardy actions of the righteous morality police. Like a witch living in the 1600's, I have a reason to worry: There's plenty of proof laying in the cold ashes behind me, the hot bed of coals just to my right, and the hangman's noose straight ahead.

Being a partial product of the 60's much of my philosophy lies in the addage, "If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem." I will not be fooled into thinking my silence will save me (or any of us). I will not foolishly think that staying hidden, keeping quiet with my head down, will make me less visible and protect me. Even if it did, I don't want this half-life where joy, freedom and sexual fulfillment are the enemy and I am to train others to hide in fear and shame.

My New Year's Resolution is to give monthly voice to specific life threatening problems, suggesting solutions and actions for us all. My New Year's Resolution is a vow to alert, educate, and annoy to make change. Even if ~ no, make that especially if that means alerting, educating and annoying you. I want you to take action too because this is about you; the life you save may be your own.

Consider this like my monthly cycle: I may seem like I'm on the rag, crazy and/or whiney, but it's all about the biological necessity of life. So grow-up and deal with it.

I'm going to use my voice ~ even if it does mean that like the nail which stands the tallest I will take the hardest pounding. While I would prefer to raise my voice in unison & harmony with yours, I will perform a loud, shrill solo worthy of Simon Cowell's biggest sneer & rudest comments.

Even if you really are a wealthy, heterosexual white male U.S. citizen with fantasies of missionary-postion-only sex with your legal wife (which you act on only for procreational needs) you must see how even you are threatened with the current state of affairs. If not, you must be either delusional or a moron. History has shown that if the rights and lives of others can be diminished and removed, yours will be too.

Not all of the problems need be a conspiracy leading to one man with a smoking cigar (the one many of you like to think has better or bigger things to worry about than notice you), but if you prefer to think me paranoid let me ask you: How many lone gunman aimed at you do you need to see before you believe your life is threatened?


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Discuss This (5 Comments)

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