It's in the Genes

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Pretty much everyone has sex or thinks about sex or wants to have sex, but not everyone is so fascinated with sex and human sexuality that they collect items of a sexual nature from books to magazines to vintage lingerie and pin up calendars. Iíve always been interested in sex. When other girls my age were still playing with Barbie dolls, I was reading books like the Hite Report and checking out Playgirl Magazines all of which I found stashed in my momís nightstand. I now know that without a doubt my sexual curiosity is genetic.

Vintage Stare Magazine I inherited my grandparents' house. Over the years I have been slowly going through things left behind. When I first moved in everything was just shoved in boxes and stored in the basement. Lately I have actually started going through things and what I have found is a treasure trove of vintage stuff of a sexual nature.

I found old magazines disguised as photography and drawing magazines but were actually full of nude women and some men (from back in the day when nudity had to be justified as art), like Candid Photography, Pencil Drawing for Fun, Photo Handbook, Peter Basch Photographs Beauties of the World and Stare. The magazines all seemed to be from the 1950ís.

I also found some interesting books and sex manuals; How to Attain and Practice the Ideal Sex Life (Printed in the US in 1940), Picture Stories of the Sex Life of Man and Woman (which is actually very scientific drawings of the human bodyís sex organs and how they work), and a pamphlet titled Sex Knowledge.

Vintage Picture Stories Sex Magazine Vintage Sex Knowledge Pamphlet

1955 Pinup Calendar The greatest find for me was a pin up calendar from 1955, gorgeous and in wonderful shape and a bag full of pages and centerfolds ripped out of magazines from the 1960ís; Playboy, Swank, Jem, Hi-Life, Modern Man, Clyde and Escapade Annual. What a great find for someone into vintage pin ups.

Some other things that confirmed I come from a family with a heightened interest in all things sexual were: totally cool retro lingerie from the 1950ís and earlier, shot glasses with naked women on the inside, old matchbook covers with scantily clad beauties, and an old ďvibrating massagerĒ with several interesting attachments.

Then there were the love letters grandma and grandpa wrote to each other before they were married. At the bottom of the letters were passages written in code, which I deciphered. Letís just say what was written there was extremely risquť for an unmarried couple in the 1930ís. Wow, some of it made my erotic fiction seem mild in comparison.

I think all the items that I found are so amazing. Iím now actively collecting pin ups and looking for more vintage lingerie. I found some great stuff in my grandparentís house. Grandma was a wild cat and grandpa sure loved the female form.

Vintage Pinup I know though that the real treasure hunt lies ahead at my parentís house. My mom was a teenager in the 50ís and a sex-kitten in the 60ís and 70ís and she never threw anything away. I know her closets are full of vintage lingerie and somewhere packed away in boxes are old magazines and who knows what else.

Iíve always know that my mom and dad were crazy sexual creatures, especially my mom who was a subtle sex goddess in her day, but I never thought of my grandparents like that. Now I know that my interest in all things sexual is definitely in my genes.


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Discuss This (7 Comments)

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