Public Affections

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For the one who reads all I write...

I greet you at the door, my hair swept up, off my neck, my makeup impeccable, dark eyes, red, glossy lips, dressed in nothing but my red patent leather cupless corset, red thigh-high stockings & heels.

I firmly request that you go to my bedroom, remove your clothing, and lie on the bed.

You smile, waiting for me to lead, trying to get me to turn around, so you can view me from all angles. But I do not move.

I repeat the directions. You giggle, perhaps a bit nervously, but most definitely with excitement. It is unusual to see me so premeditated, so authoritative... but then, you love surprises...

You enter the bedroom, which is light with candles: one near the bedside mirror, another at the other side of the bed, on the nightstand. You notice the small boudoir chair is adjacent to the bed ~ you strip, laying your clothes neatly upon it.

You lay your nude body upon the bed and wait.

I leave you waiting for a few minutes, not out of insecurity, or for any preparations (those were all done in advance), no, I let you wait for the sheer anticipation. You lay, naked, on my bed, wondering...

I am aroused imagining you there. But I donít want to rush anything... Not tonight.

I climb the stairs, aware of the moisture between my thighs. Images of you ready & waiting make me want to dash up those stairs, but not this night. This night is about patience.

I enter the room, shutting the door behind me. The waiting game has worked; you are erect & wonderful. Your eyes are on me, full of love & desire. Your cock jumps in anticipation.

I say nothing as I walk slowly but deliberately to the small chair, tossing your clothes carelessly onto the floor. The chair has been placed, carefully. I sit upon it, legs crossed, looking at you, and slowly begin to massage my breasts, urging my nipples, already alert with anticipation, into eager hard peaks.

I lean back, carefully placing my heels on the edge of the bed, slowly separating my legs, open for you to view. I run my fingers along the length of my cunt. You lay still, taking my silence as a cue (the smile on your lips, the light in your eyes, tells me more than words can say anyway).

I stroke myself softly, not entering myself, just teasing both of us. You are aroused, unsure what game this is, so you move to creep down near me.

I snap my legs closed & shake my head, my eye brows arched in a warning. You lie back again, a huge grin on your face.

I open my legs, and resume touching myself. My fingers are becoming slick, I slide on in, just a bit. I remove them, place them in my mouth, tasting myself. You groan, and reach to touch yourself. Though the image of your cock in your hand is lovely, it is not what I want.

I remove myself from the chair, go to your side. You reach for me, but I pull away ~ I am not here to join you. I reach under the pillows, remove the end of a soft restraint, and cuff you at the wrists, hands over your head. Your face shows both surprise & excitement, a soft laugh comes past your lips.

I check the restraints, to be sure they are comfortable yet firmly keeping you from leaving the bed or touching yourself.

Satisfied, I turn to the nightstand, open a drawer, and remove a vibrator. I take it back to the chair with me.

Seated again, with my legs open, I begin to use the toy, rubbing the toy along my cunt, much as my fingers did, teasing, rubbing. Laying prone on the bed, you are helpless to do anything but watch as I move that gel vibe soundlessly around familiar territory, watching it rub & nestle, excite and tease.

You move your hands, feebly, wishing you could touch ~ something.

I smile, a wicked smile, and meeting my eyes with yours I begin to tease the tip of the toy at the entrance to my hole. I dip just the head of it in, and remove it, your eyes watching, waiting. I push it is again. The tip of the gel dick becomes wet, each soft push gliding it a bit further in.

I play, gently: in & out, pause; in & out, pause. Your eyes feast on the fake dick entering me, wishing it was you. Remembering precisely how it feels to be between those folds... wet & warm.

I begin to work it faster, then entering harder, until I finally leave it inside, making circle motions, deep inside me. I begin to moan. You know from my sounds how excited I am, know how wet I am, you know it all so well...

You long to be inside me, as deep as that toy is, you want to be the one making me so wet, so hot, but you canít. You canít even touch yourself.

My eyes are shut, my head back resting on the chair, I am enjoying the feelings I am creating, and the sounds you are making. I can hear your breath coming more ragged, your small struggles with the restraints, some soft groans. Your dick is so hard, it is almost painful to be restrained like this without ability to release. You close your eyes to imagine the moves my body is making, how my pussy throbs & pulses around you, but it only makes you long to be free.

Your eyes return to watch me. The light on my skin, way I squirm in the chair, the smell of my sex mingling with the fragranced candles, the way my exposed throat shows my short, raspy breathing, how my mouth is open while my eyes are shut.... my right hand twisting the toy deep inside myself as the left occasionally rubs my breasts...

I am close to an orgasm now, but I know the toy will not suffice, nor am I done with my plans...

I drop the toy and crawl over to you on the bed. I crouch just to the side of you, my breasts swing close to your face, agonizingly close, yet out of reach of your bound hands, and before you can lift your head in attempt to reach one with your mouth I move.

I straddle your hips, you lay back, thinking release is almost here. But I do not guide your hardness inside me...

I slide my wet hot lips along your shaft, imprisoned as it is between you & my sex. As you look down the length of your body, you can see the tip of your cock as it glistens, peeping out from beneath my pubic hair ~ you watch it disappear, and reappear, over & over again... You can smell me, feel my wetness, as I tantalize you, grinding myself along your throbbing cock, teasing with a promise of inside pleasures.

As I move back & forth, you watch my breasts move. I see you looking at them, and take one of my hands off of your stomach and play with my nipples, first one, then the other. You groan, you whisper something, but I cannot hear your words.

I lift myself up, your body tenses, believing this is the moment when I will let you enter. I remain above you, out of reach, my eyes laughing behind the soft look of arousal, enjoying your torment.

Our eyes meet, staring into each other as I reach up, pull the clasp from my hair, letting it fall around my shoulders. You love my hair, love to run your fingers through it ~ your fingers twitch as if in complaint. I bend down, moving backwards, licking along your stomach, my hair drapes & tickles along your skin.

Soon I reach your cock. It is covered in our fluids, my juices, your pre-cum, and I lick, suck and devour it all.

I can feel your orgasm building, feel the heat increase, feel the tensing of your balls as they are cupped in one hand. Your breath is ragged, your groans becoming stronger. My head bobs up and down as I continue to suck; you moan a warning that you will come. I donít stop.

Sucking, swirling my tongue, I gently squeeze your balls. I feel you tense, feel your hard dick contract then release as you spread your hot come into my mouth. I fight to swallow as you use your hips to shove deeper into my mouth & throat ~ more spurts forth. While your dick is still inside my mouth, I use my tongue to collect all of your come, swallowing every last bit before I let your cock free.

I look up and see you with your eyes closed.

I crawl along side you & reach up to remove the ties. As soon as your hands are free, your grip my wrists, and flip me onto my back. Before this all registers, you are on top of me, and with one push, you violently enter me.

Your hardness, forced without warning, shocks me; I breathe in sharply, a small sucking sound escapes my lips. You pull back, and slam into me again, the head of your hard cock making contact with my cervix. I make a little noise, part pain, part pleasure, and I keep making them as you fuck me, hard and fast.

Your hands are still holding my wrists, your eyes locked into mine, you are as silently claiming your power as I did mine.

With each trust, your hips hit mine with a force that makes my breasts bounce. With each pull back, my cunt grabs, trying to pull you back in. As you fuck me you grunt both with the force of your drive & the pleasure: your cock is finally feeling my wet, hot pussy wrapped around it, holding it, squeezing it.

My legs wrap around yours, but you still hold my wrists tight. I feel a bit of pain from the pressure, but the fucking is so glorious... The pain seems to fit the moment, my punishment for my earlier treatment of you. Delicious payback.

It doesnít take long for me to begin to twitch & moan ~ after all the hours of anticipation, the play with the toy, my play with your cock, seeing you so aroused, I am ready.

You recognize my sounds, the currents, the twitches, you know I am close. You bend your head down, and suck my nipple into your hot mouth. Waiting for the right time, you then take it between your teeth and apply pressure, sharply. You have waited well; I moan and release...

You moan too, not because you will orgasm again, but because you are finally inside me, controlling my body, bringing me to orgasm.


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