Roll 'Em Show 'Em

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Clearly a game for college kids and swinging couples, Roll 'Em Show 'Em is also fun for the couple who is tired of Daily Show re-runs and the usual card games to pass the time.

The game, despite it's many pieces (3 dice, 2 decks of cards, money), is relatively simple: You roll dice to decide who's going to play (via the # Cards), roll the big die (Big Task Die) to see what they're going to do, and stand by for the fun.

The tasks could be anything from the obvious "drink" & "remove clothing" to cards which have you flash your boobs, give a good ol' moonshine via bare buttocks, and kiss. There are a few other cards which allow for some game strategy...

Should you be able to stay focused despite all the nudity and (optional) drinking, you may be lucky enough to get the "Drag Along" which allows you to drag any other player into participating in the task. With the "Pick One Card" you can make any player draw a task card ~ and do it. There are also "Pass" and "Freebie" cards which can save your ass, and the dreaded "You're Out" card which prematurely ends the game for that poor bastard who gets it. And the Big Task Die also has a "Screw" task ~ roll it, and you get to make anyone do any task you'd like.

I know what some of you are thinking, Hey, you said optional drinking ~ how is drinking optional in a game like this?! Well, the decent folks at Roll 'Em Show 'Em allow you to set your own House Rules which means you can be safe (and kind) to your guests who are not allowed to spend the night. With the House Rules you decide what "drink" means. Is it a shot or a sip? Is it player's choice of beverage or a standard drink everyone does? You can also set safe limits of the amount of alcohol (for example, no one drinks more than three shots), allow substitutions (after reaching the limits, for designated drivers, etc.), or even not drinking alcohol at all during the game.

Setting House Rules also allows for great flexibility and personalization of the game.

Before you start the game you set these rules that everyone abides by. For example, you decide if you'll use the game's play money or gamble with real money ~ and if you gamble, what are the stakes? When you "Show 'Em" (flash your tits) is this for 10 seconds, 30 seconds?

After playing this game a few times CR/LF and I decided that, despite the game rules, you can buy your way out of things. For example, the luck of the draw (and dice) meant I was soon naked and left with only $5. I was able to offer CR/LF lap dances, the chance to touch me etc. rather than depart with my $5. I could offer anything I wanted, but it was up to him to decide if it was worth it; meaning it wasn't a slam-dunk that he'd accept it. (After all, a man who has had one lap dance may just want the game to end so he can bed you!)

The House Rules also make things like the "Show 'Em" card more fun ~ once you're naked, it's not so thrilling... but if the House Rules state that upon nudity "Show 'Em" becomes do 3 jumping jacks, well, there's much more interest. Similarly for "Moonshine" we state that if nude and you get that task, the player must present that butt for a feel ~ or a smack ~ at the discretion of the other player.

For those playing Roll 'Em Show 'Em with larger groups, you might want to make some adjustments in the opposite direction just to get a few shy folks to agree to play. And while the game is intended for 2 to 12 players, you can use the House Rules to set up couples, teams et. Really, the possibilities are rather limitless.

The one who isn't nude &/or has money left claims the pot (and in more intimate settings, and according to the House Rules, their partner anyway they want!) and is declared the winner. But in a game like this everybody wins, even if they lose. *wink*

The game is a nice quality set, nothing flimsy here. All of the cards are coated, so they are protected from spilled beverages (and the moisture from drooling male participants). And they give you two extra cards to replace lost ones (or maybe to make up your own tasks).

Super bonus points for the packaging! The game 'box' is really a plastic tube with a screw-top lid which makes it perfectly portable. (I can't tell you how annoying it is to toss games into the back seat and then when you go to retrieve them, discover that the box has opened or the side has split and now you have to scrounge about looking for all the pieces.) Since it's also small, it's also easily hid in 'that' bedroom drawer with your other naughty toys and DVDs, out of sight from kids and other prying (inappropriate) eyes.

Roll 'Em Show 'Em is a game for parties and party-type persons as well as those who want to spice things up in sexy ways. Highly recommended in every Sex Kitten's bag of tricks, and it makes a cool gift for those kids who are going to be corrupted when they go off to college (or move out) anyway.

Review by Gracie.


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Discuss This (9 Comments)

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