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A new feature, "Sleeping In Your Blog" (aka blog reviews), begins. And who is better to begin with than Bacchus of ErosBlog?

Bacchus is the master of ErosBlog, one of the finest and most popular sex blogs one can find on the Net. Perhaps what is most remarkable about the blog is that very combination. (Gracie's been to far too many adult blogs where the popularity seems unwarranted, so she's a bit sick of the too oft "hoopla for a rather unremarkable blog".)

What's more, unlike some big/popular blogs, Bacchus and did not begin blogging as a sex superstar. He didn't have a string of publishing credentials, doctorates or other celeb status to use when starting the blog. Aphrodite, who joined the blog and is an irregular regular, is of the same cloth. In other words, these bloggers had to earn their street cred. And they did.


By blogging ~ consistently. Consistently high in quality, and often enough to keep us satisfied when we do come back for more.

What do they blog about? Well, rather anything sex related. In a way it's like SK in the sense that it's not just all about the in & out, but about what drives us, repels us, and makes us think, including a large slant towards vintage erotica, liberal views, sex news, and ranting. (What, I ask you, is the point of blogging if you aren't going to express your own opinions? For that matter, why read what a blogger has to say if they aren't willing to commit to an opinion of their own?)

Included on the menu, a smattering of politics. And it doesn't hurt that Bacchus shares my views. In truth those who find the stuff a turn off, will not feel overly irritated with the handful of political posts ~ But again, Gracie will ask you, how can you care about sex and not be concerned with politics, especially right now?

Politics aside, this blog is really focused on sex and sexuality. Including photos. (I knew you were dying to ask that, weren't you?)

Bacchus does his job as an ethical blogger. He credits the words and works of others, to the best of his ability (we all have saved images from years ago which we cannot correctly id). This means you get the info, art, opinion, etc. of another and you are told where you can find more. That's a good blogger with a blog worth reading.

Other things to note:

The blog has a long history (nearly as long as SK's), so if Eros is new to you plan on spending hours there.

The blog does have tastefully placed paid ads, with no annoying popups, so this will not ruin your experience. There is no sign of paid posts, affiliate postings veiled as entertainment, or other smarmy crap.

Overall, a classy, erotic blog; worthy of it's reputation and following.

I'm not saying one should choose ErosBlog over SK (heaven forbid!), but that you should add it to your bookmarks/favorites, RSS subscription service, blogroll (or however you keep a-breast of your fav sites) along with us. It's the perfect way to spend time when you're waiting for SK's next installment.

Review by Gracie.


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Discuss This (1 Comment)

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