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And you didn't even know it.

Polyamorously Perverse is the story of C. and Tom Paine, a married couple who journeys from monogamous to polyamorous and back again ~ with more than a few attempts and discussions regarding the returning to (or keeping of) a poly arrangement.

Many blogs deliver a "live vicariously through us" message (usually via pandering posts which not only expose the story as BS but show the blogger's knowledge of the subject matter to be nil) but Polyamorously Perverse isn't one of these.

While the topic is titillating, this isn't an erotic entertainment blog. Well, at least that's not how I would categorize it. It's too personal, too honest. It is the honesty which really hooks me. Like when Tom writes this:

While she has no interest in (and in fact is disgusted by the thought of) other people, insisting it was all a "phase" she has outgrown, she is unwilling to consider my exploring my poly side. For her, that's a betrayal of our marriage, one she says could have unforseeable consequences.

Does the word divorce or abandonment have any meaning to you?

At 47, her sexual appetite has declined sharply over time, while at 55, mine has remained more robust, if not what it was when we were in our 20s or 30s. The good news is our sex life is excellent; I'm not a misunderstood, poor husband who needs a quickie.

The interesting this is that many in the poly community would consider my interest shallow, because I'm led by sexual cravings and not some grande amour. But I didn't come to this from any doctrinaire belief system; I'm just a guy trying to figure out how to be myself.

There's no glorification of the issue; it's not all hearts 'n' flowers and kinky voyeurism. It's exploration ~ without the need to conquer. It's adventure ~ complete with pitfalls looming before you like the wide open spans set above pointy outcroppings. It's risk on the road to happiness. So while this may all be thrilling, it's not put out there for amusement or as simple fodder for quick hand-held fantasies.

Did I say it wasn't "all hearts 'n' flowers and kinky voyeurism"? Well, it's not. But the blog is not bereft of such things.

One of the most romantic, and erotic, posts is by Tom and is titled Selfish. It's not, as the title might suggest, admonishing himself; but (if not a love letter) is a letter full of longing and admiration. What he wants, directs, is something most of us want to watch (that 'kinky voyeurism' I mentioned) if not participate in. It's lovely, for all the right reasons. I'd pull a quote from it, but as a whole it's a masterpiece and I dare not ruin it.

If the honestly doesn't get you, the writing will. Or at least it should. It's so well written, that even the occasional 'filler posts' are engaging ~ and the 'off topic' entries help flesh-out these people least they become characters in your mind's eye.

So now, off you go. Read Polyamorously Perverse.



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Discuss This (2 Comments)

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