TMI Tuesday: Cheatin' and Thievin'

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It's number 96, y'all.

1. Define "infidelity" as it relates to a relationship. Have you ever been guilty of infidelity? Have you ever been the victim of infidelity? Have you ever been a participant in someone else's infidelity?

My definition of infidelity is when the promise of fidelity is broken, and that definition is a unique agreement between parties. Too often that definition isn't actually discussed but really unspoken assumptions ~ this is where misunderstandings and heartbreak reside. I like to directly speak of the promises, the agreements. That way if they are broken you are free to scream bloody murder and hold criminal trials even if only under your own jurisdiction. *wink*

No, I've never broken my agreements.

Yes, I was 'cheated' on in what was defined as an exclusive romantic and sexual relationship.

Yes, I have been a participant in the infidelity of others ~ as a pro, it's part of the territory.

2. What is the last thing you stole?

Besides hearts and orgasms? I guess drinks at the bar.

3. Name on place in your country that you have never been but would like to visit and why.

New York ~ for the museums and the library.

4. When movies can you watch over and over again?

Camille Claudel
Chasing Amy
Kill Bill
Myra Breckenridge
The Divorcee
Opposite of Sex

I know you expected porn, but in reality, 'over and over' is rough with my favorites ~ if they're good, I move to getting laid.

5. Who is the last person you saw naked?


Bonus (as in optional): In honor of the 237 reasons we have sex study. Tell us at least five but not more than ten reason you have had sex.
1) I'm horny.
2) I'm feeling emotionally close to my partner.
3) I want a cigarette.
4) I'm happy.
5) I'm bored.

As always, post your replies as comments, at your own blog, or over at TMI Tuesday #96.


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Discuss This (6 Comments)

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