God Created Woman, Nerys Pampers Her, and Slip Tells Us All About It

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And God Created Woman, founded in 2006 by Nerys Hebdon, creates sophisticated, sensual boudoir items and accessories for lovers. Each item is made from the finest textiles and tactile treats -- silk, Egyptian cotton, ostrich feathers -- and in a rich but subtle color palette, sure to work in and with nearly any Sex Kitten's boudoir.

I posted about the fabulous Tie Me Cushion (a must have!) and Nerys contacted me to say 'Thank you' -- that's when I got pushy and asked for an interview...

And God Created Woman

The first part of my interview with Nerys (pronounced Ne-riss; sounds like 'cherish') is at my blog, so you may want to start there.

Slip: A lot of companies or products say they're bringing sexy back, is that what you think your product line is doing?

Nerys: I don't think sexy ever went away -- but I'd like to think my products will catch people's eye... and their imagination.

Slip: I'd like to know a bit more why you opted for the risque 'sex' products... Don't get me wrong, I LOVE them, but certainly it's a more difficult market than some (especially in the US, where sex is 'bad' again lol). Why this rather than more 'regular' pillows and boudoir items?

And God Created Woman Boudoir Items

Nerys: I don't know -- as I said before, I didn't intend to enter the risqué 'sex' product market -- but my ideas kind of evolved. My first ideas were around a blind for your bedroom -- it's really beautiful and is finally ready for market (on the website in September) -- it's a silk chiffon panel printed with a female nude silhouette that moves gently as the chiffon floats. I've also had it made with a Venetian blind in front of it so it's like you're watching a woman move through the slats of the Venetian blind. A kind of sexy voyeurism. Then I started thinking about other bedroom interiors and had the idea for the 'Tie-Me' cushion and the other ideas came quickly after that. Now I can't stop! I guess I thought I could contribute something to that market -- in a sensual way that would appeal to women and men.

I wasn't really put off by the sexy thing (in fact I love being able to work in that field) although I know it's perceived as 'bad' by some people. I think there are some great brands out there (Coco de Mer, Agent Provocateur, Myla) that have pioneered sexy on 'her' terms -- or in a less male-focused way and there's a clearly a market for it.

Slip: Overall, for you personally, how necessary do you find luxury items to be in your life?

Nerys: Very necessary! I'm a bit of a pleasure kitten and I like to indulge. I think it's important to treat yourself and your loved ones.

Slip: Some say that creating more luxurious environments is part of escapism, but (so you know what I'm thinking about), I find your product line to be more about connecting than disconnecting... It's about treating self well, but also your intimate relationships well too.

Nerys: That's definitely the idea -- something to enjoy together. I'm not saying that you need props... just prompts sometimes. Create the right environment in your bedroom and the rest will follow.

Amen. Now get shopping -- the holidays will be here before you know it!

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