The Grudge Fuck

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I assigned Kis Lee the word 'resentment' ~ and holy hell Hanna, just look what she wrote!

Nothing compares to the grudge fuck. Make-up sex is always nice if you had a nuclear fight beforehand. Ex-sex can be hot but it's a minefield littered with complications and the potential for drama. But a grudge fuck can be hot, dirty, nasty, and cleansing. It doesn't have to be a prolonged encounter filled with kisses and any of that foreplay stuff. A grudge fuck serves one purpose: getting yourself off even though you're pissed off at someone. You want to fuck him even though you want to strangle him at the same time.

People have different reactions when they get their feelings hurt. Some people respond with tears and wounded expressions. Some resort to the silent treatment to get their unspoken point across. Me - I'm like a cobra. You hurt me, and I'm going to strike back full force. When I get hurt, I hold a grudge. When I hold a grudge, I nurse it and pick at the scabs until it's like a growth that you can't get rid of.

When I hold a grudge, I hold it for a long time. I let the anger and hurt overwhelm me until I decided that I would punish him. First I withheld sex for a month and a half. I know that is a weak way of working things out but I couldn't help it. When he stopped pleading and apologizing, the novelty wore off. I realized I was punishing myself, too. Why should I withhold my own needs because he fucked up?

When he came home from a long day, I surprised him. It was a scene out of those porn movies he liked so much. I dropped my bathrobe and showed off my black bustier. No matching panties because my credit card wouldn't allow that. Just the bustier and some old fish nets I once wore for Halloween. My hair wasn't in the usual ponytail, and my lips were painted red. I never wore red and black. That was the whole point. I wanted to show him this is what you might miss out on if you fuck up again.

No kissing; no teasing. I pulled him towards the couch and tripped him. He fell flat on his back. I swore at him and told him how pissed off I was. I called him nonsensical insults and made up curse words. I covered his face with sloppy kisses, leaving red trails across his nose and chin. When he reached for his belt, I stopped him. This isn't your grudge fuck; it's mine. You don't get to call the shots.

When we first started fucking, he begged me to sit on his face. He said it turned him on, but I was too bashful. I couldn't stand the thought of his face drowning in my arousal. I was too shy to let myself go on his tongue. The traces of anger fueled and I found my body responding at his faint struggles.

I straddled his face and squeezed his head with my thighs. The shyness vanished, and I tried to smother him with my pussy. I thought to myself: you try to fuck me over, and I'll fuck you. Grinding my clit against his upper lip, I found the perfect position between his nose and chin. I covered him with my juices, getting his chin and throat soaking wet. I wondered why I had been so shy about this. His tongue moved deeper into my pussy, and I felt my thighs trembling. I didn't want them to shake like this, but his talented tongue was bold, slipping in and out of my pussy lips. I shifted positions until his tongue patted my clit in quick, fast movements. Not as fast as a vibe but it felt better. It was like I could feel every bump and curve of his mouth. I wanted to envelope his mouth with my pussy. Cover him with all of me while I looked down at him.

He tried to say something, but my pelvis stopped his words. Was he apologizing again? Perhaps. Did it really matter? Not really. I hadn't decided if I was going to forgive him yet. The pain was too raw, and the bruise was still fresh around the edges. He licked and sucked for redemption as my hips worked faster. I spread my wetness all over his lips, his chin, his cheeks - like I was marking my territory. When I came, I couldn't look into his sad puppy dog eyes. I wasn't ready to let the resentment fade just yet. Instead I tipped my head back, stared at the ceiling, and pressed my clit deeper into his mouth.

Kis Lee
Find out more about Kis at her website,, and at her blog.


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