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Former Domme and wanna be switch considers alternative lifestyles in Hickville. Man eating, spell casting drama queen and femi-nazi with no qualms about silly things like love, romance and other things that do not exist. If it's the thrill of the chase you want, it is certainly what you will get.
I thought I had forgotten. The coolness of the paper covered stretcher seeping thru my shirt. The frigid plastic on my lower back. The icy steel of the foot stirrups that all women despise.

But I remember.

I wrote about this a long time ago. Probably more then once. Now it seems it's time to write about it again.

Face it. I'm just not that into porn, either.

Sometimes the people who are supposed to teach you...only succeed in fucking you up.
Would it smell as sweet?
This is Twice Divorced and Intentionally Single in Greensboring responding to Divorced in Bozeman...
I am probably going to be shot for some of this.
Who's in charge of your child's self esteem? You? Them? Or a fucking Barbie?

ADeadHeart wonders...what if no one inspires you?
At least older men know where your clit is.
As Valentine's Day looms ahead like some dark, bewildering Hallmark holiday, maybe asking a 'perspective suitor' a few questions can help you choose who will win the privilege of seeing you in a skirt, feeding you chocolate covered cherries, and / or getting a gift that will warm up the cold, February night.
A Night at the Gathering relives one of my finer moments as a wanna-be Domme stuck somewhere in Hickville. Mistress Sarah was out in full force this night...'Would You like a drink, Mistress?'
"I want a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed."

ADeadHeart questions the validity of the single female obtaining slut-like status, while single men bask in the glory that is near God-like to all others with a penis.

I slept with a man for comfort and I finally slept with a man just for fun...I fgure I am old enough to do that now? To like someone and be liked and have sex just because there is chemistry and mutual like???
Do you know why Witches don’t have babies? Because Warlocks have Halloweenies.
I’ve learned more about men in my 2 months as a sassy, sophistabitch then I did in nearly 5 years of true love and dedication. Men are idiots. It comes as no surprise…and while I do not beatify women, men are just… on.