Amber's Room

Sex writer and sensualist gives sex tips and a random smattering of smut.
Sex comes in many forms; from the frisson-filled fling to the romance-imbued romp with a long-term partner. But whatever kind of sex you're having, applying certain rules can enhance it. This issue, we look at the things you can do to add zing to your sex life.
Last issue, we looked at ways of dealing with tiny todgers - but it's not just small cocks that can be problematic. Dealing with a man who's hung like a horse can be deeply (quite literally) uncomfortable, leading to 'cervix in the throat' syndrome, where you're convinced he's going to break you at any moment.
No matter what women may say to the contrary, deep down, we know that size matters. That said, it's entirely possible to have fun with a penis of any size. This time, we look at how to make the most of a man with a miniscule member.
'You can't hurry love,' or so the song goes. While this is a good enough premise, in reality, it can be easy to get carried away when you meet someone you fancy . But is that really a good idea? Let's look at the important matter of timing: when is the best time to put out?
If you're single then chances are, you'll go out on the pull at some stage. And no doubt you'll have some evenings when you're all dressed up and utterly gagging for it, but still end up going home alone at the end of the evening. To save you those nights of sobbing into your pillow, we've got some tips to boost your chances of success.

It was just a thought. A solitary nagging question of 'What if?' They'd talked about it, of course, but somehow the situation had never quite arisen: timing, mood, other events getting in the way. For the most part, the thought never surfaced, buried now in the layers of friendship, the discussion of books, love, life. But sometimes, like tonight, it invaded her mind, making her head spin and her body respond of its own accord, despite her attempts to over-rule it.