Angela's Room

Angela St. Lawrence is the PhoneSex Operator of choice for the thinking man. While she's been called many things by her clients ("The way she riffs on matters sexual and otherwise, she is my white Billie Holiday" & "A 21st century Anais Nin with just a touch of Machiavelli."), mostly she just likes to be called Angela. Make sure you visit her award winning website -- and her blog, Zen Fetish.
A little bit of erotica I wrote, because even women just want a quickie now and then.
Despite my dear queer college roommate telling me, "Angela, you're disgustingly heterosexual," I secretly masturbate to lesbian porn. I will pay $9.99 for an ON DEMAND lesbian movie and watch probably fifteen minutes of it until I "get my fix." Then I'm done until the next time. In between times? I think dirty thoughts about dirty girls.
You may think you know our Angela, not only from here but from Literate Smut and Zen Fetish, but Secondhand Rose enters Angela's boudoir and asks her some questions as a part of the Sex Worker Confessions series.
Oh, how I do love poetry. Anything and everything is possible.
Regarding these fantasies, excuse me while I repeat myself, 'cuz you've heard it from me before: Don't try this at home.

Sometimes you will hear the elders speak of it in reverent tones. A time and place they swear existed and we've forgotten. A world without cell phones and fax machines and email and PDAs and remote controls. It is said of those times that the scent of roses was highly valued. might as well drop your panties and spread your legs. Because, sooner or later, he is going to have his way with you

A poem about a man who is basically pussy-whipped and is quite happy with his situation, thank you very much.

"If my IQ had been two points lower, I would have been a plant somewhere." ~Lee Trevino

While I've always wanted to be one of those people with plants everywhere, I just really don't have the time or the energy or the gumption to make it happen. But Herman loves me. And I guess that's what really counts.

I really am a nice girl. Don't look at me that way! I am, I tell you, I really am. Well, at least most of the time.
A kinda-sorta sonnet from Angela St. Shakespeare.

Introducing (if you haven't had the honor) Sir Fredrick Alexander Theodore Katt (aka Fat Katt, although he's a tiny little thing): He's cute, he's cuddly, he's lovable. And, thanks to me, he just might think he's a she.

Just a Few Reasons Why this PhoneSex Femme Fatale Believes in God.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Library: My 451 on Freedom of Speech, Libraries, The First Amendment and Banned Books
A book is a version of the world. If you do not like it, ignore it; or offer your own version in return. ~Salman Rushdie
I had this most beautiful dream: That my brother was still alive, in a halfway house where I went to see him. He was in their industrial kitchen drinking coffee. He hugged me. And this is what I wrote upon waking.
It's all in good fun, dontcha know?
This is a very personal poem which I wrote to an artist friend about a woman we both loved. And still do.
Loving an artist is certainly not the hardest thing I've ever done. But I would say it is one of the more treacherous.
I really just wanted to get a good grade and get the hell out of that class. Who needs to learn to appreciate art? What does that have to do with anything? Boy, was I wrong.
You would find her enchanting, because there is a naive girlishness about her that attracts. You would laugh until you cried -- holding your side, literally in stitches -- at her antics. You would throw up your hands in frustration at her "self will run riot," yet ultimately mother and protect her.
Many are probed, but few are chosen...
Close your eyes, click your heels together and say it with me: There's no place like home! (And nothing quite like an afternoon at the nail salon.)
A picture of a stiff dick is just silliness to me. Where's the fun in that? It's already out and has no place to go.

An erotic poem inspired by and written to Dennis and others who experienced the freedom of the 60's and loved a few women along the way.
"It never ceases to amaze me how many women who once were real hesitant about being dominant, end up loving it so much that they later say that they would never go back to being in submission to a man or only having traditional sex with a man. The Female Domination lifestyle is liberating to women and it is also liberating for men, as they now can fulfill that yearning within them. The Female Domination lifestyle can be a win/win relationship for both the woman and the man." ~Elise Sutton
The good thing about masturbation is that you don't have to get dressed up for it. ~Truman Capote
My name is Angela St. Lawrence: Regular girl by day, Phone Sex Operator by night, and now a Sex Kitten in-between. Perhaps you should just call me Sybil!