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Letter From The Editor

It's time for this site. Women everywhere, in all walks of life are pushed to extremes. We are employees, family members, friends. We are active in our communities. We rush from job to home, from role to role. Always being asked to give.

Even our roles as lovers are about giving to someone else.

We may love our partner(s), we may love to be intimate with them. But how many times does our sex seem like it's on a time table?

We have to schedule it, fit it in our day's activitities like shopping or meal time. No longer is it just about feeling good, it's about checking another item off our long list:

__ Vet appointment, 'Check'
__ Bank deposite during lunch hour, 'Check'
__ Sex with partner after 10 O'clock news, 'Check'

How special, how fullfilling is that?!

Wouldn't it be nice, to once again desire sex... Real sex, that is no longer part of a 'to do' list, but sex that rocks your world? Wouldn't it feel wonderful to crave that time, to initiate the act, to live out fantasies? is here to help you get your purr back. To get you connected to your own sexuality.

It may seem like the handwritting is on the wall, that your days of indulging in sensual sin are over, but we are here write in lipstick on your mirror & get you back to, well, horny!

In case you're wondering, is run by me, Gracie, a former escort. So who can you trust to tell you the real deal? Gracie!

After all, who else is gonna tell you which lingerie not only 'works' as far as the ol' attraction scene goes, but what wears well, lasts through play & after washes?

Who else can help you with those makeover questions like "Should I really wear red lipstick if I plan to have sex?"

Miss Manners? Your Mom? I don't think so!

So stick around, maybe you'll learn something!

Oh yeah, and as this is my own site, it is play by my rules here, so pretty much anything goes... as long as it is respected.

That means if you came here to belitle those who have different preferences than you, or mock some kink you've never tried, hey, get lost. I've been around long enough to know that those who snicker have some pretty deep issues, and they need more help than any shrink can provide in a year or three... I don't need you, don't want you & you bring my mood down. Quite frankly, you are unpleasant company.

That said, let the good times roll!

Yours, with much affection,

Sex-Kitten Shopping!

PS ~~ Yes, there are some links to sites with nudity, this site is devoted to frank talk about sex, so it only figures we would offer links to 'dirty' stuff... We have tried to keep it clear which sites are 'dirty' and why. We also have plenty of links to images of women. Why? Most of us find it inspirational! Lovely ladies, in lovely repose (and sometimes in to-die-for corsets, shoes etc.), to make us think & feel sexy... Get the attitude!


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Discuss This (14 Comments)

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