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Is your idea of Summer hot & steamy? Or is it lazy & languid?

In Summer I often feel I have a dual life: my day time actitivties, and my nighttime prowlings...

By day I do most of those American classic activities: family bar-b-ques, beach fun, festivals, vacationing, hell, I even garden...

But the days are not filled with sex. Sure, I have done the nasty a few times in the grass, but frankly, the heat gets to me. I just believe that sweaty bods should be formed as wet masses by the effort of exertion, not start that way.

But the nights, ahhh... the nights are much different.

By night, I hunt.

No other way to explain it.

Like a giant jungle cat, I find the days are for napping, some gentle play maybe, but I save my energies for the nights.

Like a carnivorous animal, I am restless everynight until I get my fill.

Like a panther I find the setting sun is in fact what awakens me. Under cover of darkenss, I look for my prey. Since I lack a tail to twitch behind me, my happiness at stalking is invisible ~ Yes, I still twitch, but those muscles simply *don't* show! (However, I am sure I leave a small scent trail for those who might be tracking me...)

Once I have stimulated myself all I care to with stalking him, I pounce.

I jump in, and devour him as if I have not eaten in days. I leave him, battered, and perhaps even start looking for more... Or maybe I'll let the ones sniffing my scent catch me.

Call me a glutten, I just don't feel the need to limit myself to one mean, one man.

Oh, and I don't want him to follow me home. I want to laze away in the sun, alone. Dreaming of my next hunt...

There is something biological, I feel, to this Summer need. Perhaps it is my rutting season. Perhaps the heat gets to my brain. I know not. But it sure brings new meaning to "she's in season." *wink*

Heaven help me, it ends too soon.

Yours, with much affection,


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